How to hack pos machine in Nigeria

Poverty is something you must let go but unfortunately it’s not even in your powers in most cases and that’s why we are always here to help through various methods and our updates.

Have you ever thought of how to hack a pos machine using just transaction receipts?. Maybe you have but you quickly concluded it wasn’t possible probably because you’ve never seen anyone do that before.

This pos system hack is something everyone need and am sure it’s the same reason you’re here. Like i always say “when it comes to Hacking almost everything is possible until you figure them out”.

While you continue with this post you can also check out our recent yahoo updates for Hustlers. Below is a video guide on how to use pos decor and the download link.

There are many things that are yet done but that doesn’t make them impossible. They are undone probably because no one has gone the extra mile of making them work.

Over a year now we’ve been on the pos Hacking tool project and it was only concluded few months ago. We decided to share as usual.

Think about it, how many people will be diligent enough to make sure things work even when they seem impossible from the start. That’s where many easily fall out leaving many problems unsolved.

POS in Nigeria

POS also known as point of sale has grown so popular in Nigeria that almost every street have multiple shops.

We can even say “Transactions through POS daily are more to the ones going on directly in the Nigeria banks and because of the stress of getting money in the banks people prefer going through POS with little charges.

Every pos machine have a wallet where the withdrawals are being deposited immediately it’s debited from your cards. The money don’t go directly to their bank unless they will have to make transfer from their pos wallet to their account.

Hacking the machine simply means getting access to the wallet and withdrawing the funds to any desire bank of your choice.

Today am going to show you how the POS hack too works and how to get started using it for your jobs. This update is fresh and currently on board so don’t joke with it.

Hacking pos machine

In this guide on how to hack pos machine, you will learn how to explore the decor tool right from your mobile device.

There are many ways to Cashout through POS. while some persons are specialized in doing alerts (lesser amount format) others are based in the use of tools but as an expert, i can tell you the use of tool is far more safer and reliable than others.

There are literally few tools for pos Hacking but among them, Decor has always remain the best and that’s what we are talking about here as others are not relevant in this case.

This process of hijacking funds from POS wallets only works in Nigeria so if you’re abroad am sorry to announce “It’s not compatible”.

Pos decor tool

The POS tool is called POS Decor. This tool makes it possible extracting Funds from wallets using transaction receipts and ID.

Since every pos machine have a wallet, the target of decor is getting the password, Username and login link to the wallet so you can easily transfer the funds with ease.

You don’t need any personal details to get the login information details. Just the Pos machine terminal ID you are done.

With the help of the terminal ID, you can gain access to your victims wallet using the decor tool

Before you continue here are the things you should know..

Decor Faqs
  • You need to withdraw ₦‎5,000 through the victims machine. You are only doing this to get the Terminal ID. This means you will need the transaction receipt to make it work. (don’t withdraw above the stated amount).

  • Make sure the account you are withdrawing from is what you will use when filling your Decor form.

  • Don’t transfer funds to your real account because you can be tracked down easily when the history is being reviewed. You can send to another pos account while you take cash. Alternatively you can create a fake bank account where you can easily move the funds to remain anonymous.

  • You need VPN as it’s a country base tool. Any vpn paid or free is recommended. This will help mask your actual location with fake identity.

  • You can only use the app three times in every 24hrs.

Like we’ve stated above, it’s not advisable using your real account details in moving funds as many has been caught through this process. What you should do is create a fake bank account with different identity or use services such as palmpay.

You can also buy fake bank account details from us or partner with officials in merging accounts for your Hustle.

Don’t withdraw less than or above ₦‎5,000 and make sure you have your transaction receipt. Most of the POS agents are aware of this trick so many don’t issue receipts. You should locate shops that issue pos receipts after transactions so you can easily get your terminal ID

Some machines have Authentication before login. Whenever you meet such, you won’t be able to access. Don’t worry just try the next target as there are very few machines with login authentication.


Just like every other tool, you need your authorization/activation code to get this app working.

Cost for activation is (₦45,000) and it’s one time fee. You don’t need to pay yearly or monthly once your code has been acquired.

Any code given to you is specially designed for your device. It won’t work for others. To buy your pos decor activation code kindly contact us or better still, contact the phone number on the app using the Buy button.

It’s the Developers contact details.

Like i always say, nothing lasts forever. For now, this tool is still working and it’s guaranteed. You can make good money from this update

See you in our next update. And don’t forget to share this post because many of your friends might be in need.

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How to hack pos machine in Nigeria

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  1. This is the best pos hacking app anyone can think of seeing online. After a long search

    It’s done finally

  2. If you’re still asking too many questions about this tool. It’s a pity because currently from what am seeing here, the tool is very much active

    I hope it never go off

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    I wish I have enough

  5. Thanks for sharing this tool I follow it according to what you said in your video and the result was excellent

  6. The app is working .I’ve been using it for long but you just have to be very careful because you might get caught

    Follow rules

  7. I’ve watched the video on this pos decor but I still don’t seem to understand. Please can you explain more on how to use the app?

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  13. Yes. Am still also confused in one area. I just activated the app and I don’t want to make mistakes. Can I go ahead with other deposits rather than the 5K prescription?

  14. Please sir the app is not opening On my android device. I’ have tried over and over again. I need your help

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    And please why don’t you guy have a WhatsApp group chat for dropping update for us as member it will also be helpful

        1. I just started I don’t really know anything concerning this update but as the look of things this update go loud

  17. Let’s try this one and see
    I hope is working perfectly. Making order now because I’ve already used some of your tools and they worked

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