Cardcumbo – The bank Breaker

Am back again with the latest update regarding cardcumbo app review. The perfect tool you’ve been searching for all over the internet. Congratulations you’re in the right place.

Hacking is real and for this to be effective there are certain tools hackers make use of and one of them is cardcumbo. It’s not a joking matter that over $1B has been stolen by hackers from different banks according to the cyber experts.

All these funds are hacked by different methods and through different hackers. Even banks are compromised directly. I don’t mean bank customers. Have in mind that anything that’s designed by humans can also be hacked by humans.

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So far we have discussed so many tools on this platform including removing money from credit or debit cards without otp which so many people find very helpful according to users reviews.

In this article am going to share everything you need to KNOW and how to get the tool downloaded on your Android or iPhone device.

Cardcumbo app Review

This tool was design 3yrs ago with just two functions. Remove money from credit cards without otp and fake transfer to all countries but as time goes on ,app was later upgraded and more features where added which made the tool even more outstanding.

Currently, here are the things you can do using this app as a hustler.

  • Fake Bank Transfer: If you’re looking forward to sending unlimited fake alerts to any bank across the globe ,this app is a perfect option.

    With cardcumbo you can send fake bank alerts to over 200 countries and the good news is that there’s no limit to how much you can send at once and the transfer goes to recipients available balance.

    For international transfers it takes 24hrs to deliver funds while local transfers take less than 10 minutes. The funds won’t last forever in the victims account. The maximum duration is 72hrs.

    Within this period, funds can be transferred or withdrawn but after the elapse duration it automatically disappears from their balance.

  • Otp Bypass Function: This is another wonderful feature which made it easy to remove money from any atm card without otp using the card number, cvv and expiry date.

    This function is compatible for any countries credit or debit cards. If you’ve got some cards in your disposal you can make use of this tool in extracting funds.

    There are times you get access to peoples atm card and you don’t know what to do with them. This app is designed to help you remove the money in those cards.

    The tool have an inbuilt wallet where any extracted funds goes into. From the wallet you can transfer to bitcoin ,PayPal or bank account of your choice. The transaction becomes anonymous immediately funds goes from card to app wallet so you have nothing to worry about getting your identity tracked.

  • Fake Crypto Transfer: Just like app allows you to send unlimited fake bank alert ,you can also send crypto currencies such as Bitcoin ,USDT ,Ethereum ,Litecoin etc to any wallet. This function works exactly like the coinceller app.

    You can send any amount of coins and it will confirm in recipients wallet but the only difference is that the funds won’t exceed 72hrs in their balance before disappearance.

    One thing you should know is that you can send any amount but only 4 times daily usage. This means you cannot use this particular function more than four times in a day.

  • Account Whois Function: This account whois function is one of the amazing feature of cardcumbo.

    This function makes it possible to get personal Details of any account using just the account information such as account number ,bank name and account name.

    If you can get these details correctly you will be able to access private details of any account such as BVN number ,date of birth and Card details. So even if you have BVN or Card works and you don’t have the details needed.

    You can get them if you have the account information of your victims correctly. Imagine getting peoples private details without going the difficult way.

All of the listed functions are only available for premium users.

Download CUMBO app

This app is compatible for Android and iPhone users and it cost $200 currently. This payment will give you all the available features of the cardcumbo app.

On the other hand, if you pay $145 for the app you will be given all access except from the account whois feature.

If you’re an iPhone user you can connect us on whatsapp or email.but for all Android users the app is available for download using below button.

As for the app duration, it doesn’t expire as long as you have your activation code. The good news is that the activation code can be used on any other device even if you lost your current device so long the code remains with you.

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Cardcumbo – The bank Breaker

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