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Have you heard of Zoalert as the best fake bank transfer app but still wondering how it works? This post will teach you everything you need to know about this great tool. But before then,you can read our previous post on Paypal Money adder and other Hustle updates.

It’s not new how people get caught trying to do fake transfer to their victims. There have been so many of such stories online and even in your locality. Am sure you are already aware.

The worse thing that will happen is getting caught in the act and that’s why we always say that one thing you should consider before choosing any hack tool is the security factor.

Before now, we have shared so many fake alert tools in the past of which you’re wondering what later happened to them. Most of these tools were later deleted because of poor security system while others were upgraded.

Sending fake alert is the most dangerous thing you can ever venture especially by cheap and poorly designed tools. You can get burnt if caught in some areas so don’t risk your life using tools that aren’t guaranteed.

Is fake alert an option ?

There are so many reasons why people choose to do fake alerts. While others do it for fun others go the opposite. However ,if your aim of doing fake alert is fun then you will have nothing to worry about.

You can use fake alert in repayment of loans especially when it’s due and adding up. I’ve seen folks around pay debts using fake alert tools.

Online loan platforms where banks are giving to make payment during repayments of loans are good options to use the tool. Those who are familiar with taking loans online will understand better.

You can use the fake alert method to purchase things online and offline. Especially when it comes to buying things like gadgets. E.g mobile phones and computers.

You can get cash through POS shops using fake transfer. There’s no need to explain because am very sure you understand that perfectly in this context.

How does Zoalert app works

This is one of the best online tool when it comes to sending fake alert locally and internationally. It has been tested and trusted with many reviews from customers across the globe.

The tool can work on any device version either on Android or iPhone. So you have nothing to worry about in that regards.

With this great tool you can send unlimited fake transfer to any country of your choice. This means there’s no limit to how much money you can send out provided your Zoalert token is still having funds available.

If you’re using android devices you can –download Zoalert using below button but for iPhone users you will have to contact us on whatsapp or via email. Tool will be forwarded thereafter.

With this app:

  • You can send fake transfer to over 150 countries nationwide.

  • Local transfer get credited in less than 10 minutes while international transactions takes at least 24hrs. When i mean local transfer it includes all African countries while international mean European countries in this context.

  • The current version of Zoalert hold funds in recipients account for 72hrs before it finally get cleared.

  • Transfer Funds goes to recipient available balance.

  • There’s no activation or access code when using this app but what you need is token. Don’t worry,it will be discussed in this article

Why do hustlers choose Zoalert tool

There are so many things about this tool which you will definitely figure out as you start using it. When it comes to speed and efficiency the app is all you need. But that’s not all.

The app security is something you desire. There’s no need battling with VPN. You can use Zoalert tool even without VPN network and you will be very safe.

When using this tool you have no fear of getting caught because every transaction you make is completely anonymous.

That’s why during transfer you are required to use the anonymous details which will be sent to recipients banks as senders details just incase they trace where the funds are coming from.

When it comes to customers support, Zoalert is all that you need. Their support is always active to fix any problem and also guide on how to use the app especially for newbies.

The Zoalert Token

The token is all you need to make use of the Zoalert app and without you having a token, you cannot possibly use the tool.

Unlike other apps where you will have to fund wallet before sending fake transfer, Zoalert deal on token. When you purchase a token it comes with $10M.

Every transaction done using this token the amount transferred will be deducted from your token balance. With this, you don’t need to worry about loading your wallet any time you are ready to send fake bank alerts.

Don’t worry about the money being in Dollar. The app will automatically convert it to any currency you are making transfer.

The Zoalert token is auto generated from the app server. You can use your token continously as long as there’s still funds available.

You can contact us to buy your token or buy directly from the app.

Zoalert token cost $100

is the Funds Transferable?

Funds sent through this app cannot be transferred. That’s what makes it fake money and it will be cleared from recipients available balance after 72hrs.

If you’re looking for fake alert tool that can send transferable funds am sorry to tell you there’s non. If anything of such exist then it’s no longer a fake alert app.

The reason why we call it fake is because the money cannot be transferred or withdrawn even after receiving.


For now the app is still working and we are doing everything in our power to always update and get it running.

We cannot guarantee it will work forever but for sure it’s exactly what you need at this point in time. Don’t miss the update.

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Zoalert -Perfect fake transfer app

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