Format for billing client 2024

There are many format for billing client. Some of you readers might be expecting all billing format for Yahoo but sincerely speaking there’s no limit to what format you can use in taking money from your clients. It all depends on personal intelligence.

The format we are writing here is like script. Some times it’s better you use your creativity in making up something that’s not in existence. That’s by the way.

In this post, I will be showing you latest yahoo format for billing client and I hope you will find them helpful.

Yahoo Format for billing client

These formats are applicable for man and woman. They are not meant to be copied. They are just an idea you should remake with your own creativity.

  • Birthday Bill
  • Internet Billing
  • Food Billing
  • Cam billing
  • Hospital Billing
  • Phone billing
  • Dress Billing
  • Container Bill.


lovers will always respond to each others birthdays. You can bill your clients using the birthday billing format.

Hello dear “I hope you haven’t forgotten my birthday is coming up” if there’s anyone i should be expecting birthday presents from that should be you. I know what you are capable of and I believe in you.


Same as the internet billing. Don’t open up you are that broke that you can’t even afford food for yourself because no woman will want to be with such man in the name of love. Give them some good excuses.

Dear , please i will like you to do something for me from your kind heart ..please you know im living alone here I am shortage of food in the house, please before God i WILL like you to try and get to help me with some money like 100$ to get some food stuff’s in the house , and i promise i will never let you down or disappoint you , do this for me from your own kind heart..


Don’t just tell them you don’t have money unless you both now understands each other fully. You can convince your clients your bank is having issues that’s why you’re unable to pay the bills.

Dear please i will like you to do something for me from your kind heart ,honey i have been using the internet for the past 3months now and every month payment is 64$ and at moment we don’t have any money.

We don’t have anything in the house to get my internet bill paid ,they will be disconnecting it in 2days time from now , i am owing 3months payment which is 192$ please i will like you to try and help me get my internet sustained otherwise i will loose contact with you and i don’t want to loose contact with you as we both have same thing in common and we could develop something more serious in our chat ..

i will like you to do this to help me from your own before God ..please:


They will always want to see your face so you can make them pay using the Camera billing format.

dear wish i had cam so that you’ll watch me naked all the time whenever we meet and chatting ,the reason why i cant get one is that the cam is more expensive over here that’s why i cant get one it’s 70$ and i hope you can try and do help me from your kind heart , and i promise i will never let you down or disappoint you , i will get the cam as soon as the money is sent and show you myself on all the time whenever we meet and chatting please.


If they love you, they won’t let anything happen to you or anyone around you. They will always be ready to sort the bills.

honey please at the moment i aint feeling well at all , my nanny is sick of Apendis and she’s in the hospital now , the doctor said he will work out Operation on her , and the money he’s demanding is something am unable to afford currently.

He said failure to provide the money for the bill he will live to see my nanny die , the doctor said he will like me to deposite150$ at the moment before he will work on my nanny , all the total amount is 400$ , please honey try and get me out of this situation , i am pleading and begging on your pardon i don’t have anyone else you’re the only one i have at the moment , please don’t let me down as i wont let you down ok my love ..


They should be dying to hear your voice, speak with you on phone. They must be tired of everyday chat. You can bill them using the phone method. This format is best for both man and woman.

Darling please i will like us to chat on the cell and hear each other voice, though we can chat here but i will like to hear your sweet voice and in that way too we can get to do phone sex. phone is very expensive in here and i will like you to try and help me get one it’s 200$ and i hope you can try and do that for me from your kind heart …


This format is good when used by a woman to man. Every man will want to make their woman look good and nice so they won’t hesitate paying for some new dress unless they don’t love you.

Darling I please you to do something for me , all my dresses are getting old and as how am proud of you, i don’t want to put on old shirts for people to think that my lover is a poor or greedy fellow, if you can help me raise 150$ to get some new dresses and i will take some pics for you as soon as i get them , love you.

I Really Love you. I am listening to some music and it telling me more about you.I have never dream of having a white girl like you in my life before.But I am happy Lord brought you to my life. really care much about you.


Before you arrive in this billing you should convince your clients from the beginning of chat that you do importation business “You buy goods from other countries and sell for profit in your country” so when you later tell them about container it won’t get them wondering with too many questions.

Honey I need some litte help of Fund from you to be able to clear my Containers containing pieces of Gold Dust which I have at the Port.which I can sell on the market to earn more money.

It has been seized unless I pay some duty fees before I can have my containers Cleared which really hurts me cos I don’t know what to do. dear. Market has been bad and this the only way I can survive through by clearing the containers so I can get to sell the things shipped to me.

Please can you help.I have applied for loan at my bank but this seem so slow and don’t know what to do right now.

What Your profiles Should look like

When filling your social profiles for Yahoo, you can always use the below sample. Not just as your profile but your complete introduction.

PROFILE – Format for billing client

Hello,thanks for reading my profile! Am Harry Morgan ,am 55 years of aged.Am a gentle man Decent and single.colour of eye my is blue.I have one son call calvin who live with me..

I really like him a lot and also proud of him because he is a very respectful Boy,My son is the center of my life , I cherish every moment with him.

I lost my parents when i was at the age of 12 years in a plane crash. So i don’t have any family except my son and now am looking for my soul mate that i can spend all my Life with.

I just stay alone with my only Son.I like dancing, swimming, camping, fishing, cuddling, like playing golf, Like taking a long walk in a warm summer, like reading,gardening, cooking, good wine, theater, music, movies, traveling,sports, shopping, taking a walk, going to the beach, flea markets, and traveling to new places.

Most of all I enjoy watching my son in whatever activity he will participating in and above all I love to make people happy too….

I am a romantic at heart and a true gentleman. I start every day with a smile and always have a positive outlook on life.

Laughter is my secret ingredient for happiness and I make sure I get a healthy dose each day.

I enjoy a good joke, a belly hugging laugh from others or just a smile.Am looking for someone who will love and care about me for a long time relationship that can lead to marriage.

I’m a Loving, caring, honest, understanding, loyal, passionate and kind man and very much understandable..with a Big and beautiful heart willing and ready to give to the right woman and am also looking for a woman that i can hold hands with,someone i can call a wife, a woman that is God fearing and i can give my heart and soul to and she will give me hers in return,a woman that i can share my bad and good times with her.

A woman that will love me for who iam but not what i am…a woman that is loving, caring, honest, understanding, loyal, kind,passionate and independent…a woman with A Big and beautiful heart, and a good sense of humor,A woman I can Love and adore all my life and my son cal mom, Make her the happiest woman In the world and never do anything to ever hurt her cause she will be my world and destiny..

I want a woman who can take good care of my properties when i travel for my contract or my business, a woman both of us can help each other in our relationship to be come great in future.

Above all a woman i can’t live without.Well who knows life is short when we understand each other i assume things will be alright for us..

PROFILE – Format for billing client

Hello,thanks for reading my profile! I am proud man who is fifty fifty….i mean dad an American and mom a British constructed of Sicilian and Canadian heritage.

I am an outgoing friendly guy with a playful spirit and a big heart. I am told by others that I am fun loving, kind, intelligent, and a respectful soul with a great outlook on life.

I love to laugh and have a good time in most things I do..I am intelligent, articulate and can hold my own in just about any situation.

I am most comfortable in my jeans and a tee shirt but I dress for success when needed. I am worldly man,educated by life’s long and wise lessons.

People that know me say that I am a person with a high energy level. I love the outdoors and so you may find me wondering though antique shops (I love old things) or following some of my passions such as: reading, home improvement,gardening, cooking, good wine, theater, music, movies, traveling, sports, shopping, taking a walk,going to the beach, flea markets, and traveling to new places.

Most of all I enjoy watching my son in whatever activity he is participating in.My son is the center of my life and I have one of the greatest son anyone could ask for. I cherish every moment with him. he is not a grown up so i have much time for him to show how much Dad love I stay close to my family and friends as well, especially the young one that is growing up and savoring the wisdom of the his

I live a healthy lifestyle and keep myself fit by working out several times each week. Spring and rain are two of my favorites because I love the changing of the seasons.

Conclusion-format for billing client PDF

I hope this yahoo format for billing client is helpful. Please stay connected for our next update it’s going to be awesome.

Format for billing client 2024

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