Dating billing format for client

The dating billing format for Yahoo is something almost every hustler wants to see as over 80% of hustlers started the hustle from online dating also known as relationship format.

As the day goes by many Yahoo formats keep getting outdated but dating being the oldest among them still remains fresh that’s because “online dating will forever exist” and figuring a scammer will forever be difficult for newbies.

Some lazy hustlers out there do speculate the fact that there’s no more client to catch when it comes to dating and online relationship so they go ahead with other formats such as Bitcoin, investment etc thinking they are the perfect choice but like i always say “all format can be used to Cashout” it all depends on your strategies.

A yahoo update will never stop working no matter how old but only your strategy does. If you’ve being into an update which usually pays but no longer, instead of dumping the update try changing your strategy to see if it works.

Over the years, the dating billing format for Yahoo is still the same and that’s what we are going to discuss today but before then, let me throw more light.

Yahoo format for Dating

There’s nothing difficult about dating format for client. It’s as easy as the usual way you do with your live relationship.

You will either pretend to be a man and chase women clients or use the opposite.
There are certain tools needed to accomplish this update and these are :

  • Victims pictures and Videos
  • international Phone number
  • Social media sites to Bomb
  • VPN – RDP for Location

Pictures and Videos:

Before you choose any picture or video added to your tools be sure the picture is natural without any form of editing work.

It won’t be nice using an edited or studio picture for work as most clients are smart enough to detect scam from your little mistakes.

Your pictures and videos should always match with the age you used when signing up on your social platforms. Don’t send videos of age 70 when your profile is saying something else.

Instagram and Facebook are better place to get pictures and videos for Hustle. You can browse names you would want to impersonate or any name at all. Take as many photos as you want including video and use them for your work.

International Phone number:

You can only decide not to have a foreign phone number for this hustle if you have other means of contacting your clients as many people prefer Google hangout.

If you want to use international phone number, you will have to buy them online from places like Dingtone, VYKE, Google voice etc.

The major challenge when it comes to getting international number is “How to make payment” but be glad because we recently shared an article on how to get a foreign number for yahoo where everything was carefully explained with solutions.

With your UK, US, Canada, England etc number, you will be able to open whatsapp, create foreign Facebook, send text to your clients or even make calls with them.

You Need VPN /RDP:

The use of Virtual private network (VPN) will help in hiding your actual location when surfing the internet.

The major reason why hustlers need VPN is because most of the foreign websites and dating apps mark many locations as restricted and until you use VPN you might not have access.

In addition, you are changing your location because of your own security. You don’t want to get caught.

You can be from Kenya or any country but the moment your VPN is on, your location will change automatically.

There are many VPN services online many are available in app and on web. You can download some of these apps below to change your location during hustle.

How to Bomb Clients for Dating format.

It’s far beyond knowing how to chat your clients to make them fall in love and trust you. There’s no way you can bring that skill to work without bombing.

When it comes to dating, you will either have to bomb your clients on social media or dating apps/websites.

You can use Instagram or Facebook in bombing clients for dating but there are certain things you should take Note of when getting your account registered.

Your profile should be detailed. Fill in everything you need your clients to see and know about you.

You can also buy old Facebook or Instagram accounts and edit them to your taste as they tend to last longer.

To avoid getting banned, you should regulate how swift you send friend request and these requests should be sent to people in the location of the Facebook account.

E. G if your Facebook account is UK you should bomb people from the United Kingdom and don’t over do it unless Facebook will mark your activity suspicious.

I recommend sending just 5 – 10 request in every two days. When those requests has been accepted or declined you can then send more.

Dating Apps to Bomb Clients

You can download all of the below apps on your Android or ios phones. There’s no limit to how many dating apps you can download on your phone.

Download as many of them as you can, create your profile there and continue with your Hustle.

Most of these apps might require carding. This means you will have to pay some fee either monthly or yearly to get full access. You can use virtual cards in making payments in such cases.

  • SilverSingles
  • Zoosk
  • Elite Singles
  • Stir
  • eHarmony
  • Next Love
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Bumble
  • Clover
  • Badoo
  • Grindr
  • Tinder
  • OKCupid

format for dating messages

The below sample is just for starting conversion with your clients. You can read and rewrite them in your own ways rather than copy and paste.

Review the text below.

Review the text below.

You can review it below.

As your conversation is going on, you can ask your clients questions if they are single, their current job, their religion and many more just to make them more acquainted.

You can also tell them about yourself. Important things they would want to hear.
Now that you know how to get clients and how to start conversation with your clients let’s move on to avoiding video calls and the billing aspect.

Video calling Solution with Your Clients

Many of your clients will definitely want to see you on video calls even with your plenty videos and photos uploads.

When you meet such clients, you don’t need to convince them. it might not work reason because they must have gotten scammed before so they will always be difficult to convince unless they see proof.

Use of tools like VideoCorlar in solving video calling problems. This tool makes it easy doing whatsapp video calls right from your mobile phone with just records download online.

Though the tool is paid but it’s worth it. You can read more about VideoCorlar here.

Dating billing format for client Pdf

Dating billing format for clients can come in different ways.

You can bill your clients with:

Apartments formats: You will ask them to give you some money that you want to pay your house rent. You should be smart to blend this format to make them pay rather than just asking for the funds without being TRICKISH.

Investment format: You can bill your clients with investment and since they are already in love, it will even be easier getting the funds out of them.

Hospital billing format: They are in love already and they wouldn’t want to see you in any critical situation. You can bill them with the hospital or sickness billing format.

ITunes Gift card format: You lover can easily send you iTunes card using the iTunes billing format we discussed earlier and you can then trade them for cash.

Flight Tickets billing: You can bill them with ticket format. Tell them you are traveling to meet them but you don’t have enough money. With good format and so long they believe in you and wants you around them, they will be ready to pay any amount.

We need your comments on areas you don’t understand.

If you need any of our formats complete in pdf and with documents it will only cost you $50. Once paid the pdf will be forwarded to you for download with all necessary materials. Thanks

Dating billing format for client

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