Grant format for scamming

Have you taught about exploring the latest grant format for scamming or you literally think dating, bitcoin, N.o.k and others are the end of yahoo?

The truth is that if you must excel in this hustle then you must be ready to try different strategies because you never know which one will work best for you.

Before now the highest billing we are trained with is around $3K using this grant format not until something happened which made be believed there’s no limit to how much you can cashout using this formula.

Let me briefly share you the story.

I was set for the hustle as usual so i needed to purchase an international phone number which i did using the guide we stated earlier on how to buy foreign number for yahoo.

Immediately i launched the phone number on my whatsapp it happened that a hustler somewhere ones used this same number but didn’t renew it for reasons i can’t possibly tell so i happen to be the person who later purchased that same number.

A woman chatted me because she saw me online and was sending multiple messages about her winnings/grant offer and as promised and what’s holding her pay even till date.

I was surprised because am aware i never had any clients on the new phone number at the same time, i immediately understood being a hustler.

I followed her up till i later figured out she has recently been scammed $17,700 through this same grant format and i was like wow. I tried to convince her using other formats but then police has been involved from her own side because she’s been indebted.

The bottom line is “There’s no limit to how much you can cashout.

But as a beginner we always advise you start with little billing and as you go stronger and older using the format you can step up your billing.

Understanding Grant format for Yahoo

In advanced countries like USA, Canada UK, Singapore, Netherlands etc where tax are being paid there are some ruled out funds which the government share with the masses on certain periods.

Grant is far different from loan because it’s a free money “You don’t have to pay back” Most at times it’s given to citizens who are frequent in paying taxes.

The citizens are aware of grant so they take it as an opportunity whenever it comes.

As a Hustler you can take advantage using this format to reap your clients. Yahoo format for grant is not and can never be outdated because the government can never stop grant disbursement.

This grant format is very wide and the complete format cannot be shared here as it contains certain documents for easy access. To get the complete format cost is as usual $50. You can contact us for that.

Grant format for Scamming PDF

Successful scamming all starts from the format you explore. Wrong format for the wrong client will always result in failure to Cashout.

Grant format for scamming is something you should try next rather than sticking with that which you’ve been using for long. This might be a good hit.
Here’s how to get started with grant format for client.

  • Email address
  • Pro Website
  • Advertisement
  • Social Media

You need Email Address:

You cannot do without diversing a means to contact your clients and the best way is through email when it comes to using grant format for clients.

It’s better you use professional emails rather than using ordinary Gmail because most clients will expect government emails to be official since the funds is coming directly from the government.

As a yahoo boy, you should focus in convincing your clients so don’t hesitate to get a premium email address something like ([email protected])

The process of creating a custom email address is kinda tough unlike creating Gmail. However, in the complete format there will be a thorough breakdown on how to do that.

If you decide to use Phone number as your contact information then you will have to buy virtual number based on the country of your targets.

Anonymous Website :

You can work on this format without having a website but it will be more better and easier when you have a website.

The grant website will make it professional thereby making your clients to believe you without too many questions. Another reason for the website is to “add their names to the list of people who has been selected for the next grant offer”

When they open the website and find their name on the list of people select for the next grant, they will be convinced.

You must not have web development skills to make this happen. You can hire a web designer, explain what you want and they will help seup your website.

Social Platform:

The best place to get your clients is through social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram because almost all government bodies makes use of these platforms.

If you are to go with Facebook grant format then you will need to create a Facebook page with something similar to grant and government in your naming.

You can send messages to clients and redirect them to Message the page by giving them links.

Another easy way to Bomb Clients through grants is sending them random messages and giving clients forms to fill from your website and promise them to get your feedback if they are qualified for the grant.

After some days, you can then contact them with a note “They have been selected to get the next grants” with a link leading to your website where their name will be listed among the qualified candidates.

The use of Advertisements:

Yahoo guys do spend money in running adverts to reach their potential clients.

You can spend some bulks to advertise on Facebook, iG, Google or other platforms. You can create a page on your well designed website where you will explain that the government is giving grant to people who pay their tax.

Make your clients fill some forms and respond to them through email with the congratulary message.

How to Bomb Clients on Yahoo Grant format

You can create accounts on any of the stated social media platforms. You need to modify your profile like that of government official “probably as a representative in charge of grant disbursement”.

You can then target your clients and send them private messages “Your targets should be adults of age good enough to have started paying taxes.

Apart from using social media, you can bomb clients on YouTube precisely by following some financial related videos and anonymously commenting on them how you got your grant without stress through your website link.

Those who have interests on getting grants will always succumb and end up checking on the website through which they will now contact you.

Another means to get clients is through advertising like we’ve stated earlier but it’s not always advisable for beginners because it’s expensive unlike using other methods which are totally free.

When you start cashing out, you can then think of placing ads on different platforms.

Grant billing format for Yahoo PDF

When you send your clients message and they respond, you will then congratulate them. Below are the sample messages you can send to your clients. Instead of copy and paste, you can just read and rewrite them.


“I am writing to congratulate you that because you pay your income taxes on time, you have been awarded a free $15,500 government grant! To get your grant, send us a message at [email protected], then we will request your checking account information. Once processed after sending the required information, and we will direct deposit the grant into your bank account!

Please make sure you keep this information safe and never disclose it to anyone till we complete our processing and final documentation.

Once again, congrats

Kind Regards

Mike Tomey (Make sure you confirm the name you will use from Google)

Secretary to the Documentation Officer

United States Treasury

Here’s the second format. You can read, Rewrite, edit, copy and paste to your clients.

The United States Government is giving out the sum of $500,000 as a grant to citizens who have consistently paid their income taxes on time. This grant is part of the administration’s vision to reward citizens who have helped the government generate internal revenue.

If you think you are qualified for this, please send your proof of tax, alongside your ID and other credentials to the email [email protected]. Please note that selected participants will be contacted privately via email for further direction on how to proceed.

Thanks for your participation, and I wish you the best of luck with your application.

Kind Regards

Mike Tomey

Secretary to the Documentation Officer

United States Treasury

When your clients respond to this message, Tell them to hold while their form is being reviewed and processed.

Allow it pending for two days or more after that, you chat your clients back and tell them their details has been processed and that they should contact the financial management department with a code given to them from you.

Doing this will have to take them to another whatsapp or email address of the financial management department “You are still the same person” but with different contact details.

Upon their arrival, request the code given to them. Tell them to hold while you access the code on your system. After a while message them that their grant has been approved.

Because you pay your income taxes on time, you have been awarded a free $12,500 government grant! To get your grant, simply give us your checking account information and we will direct-deposit the grant into your bank account.

They will have to pay a deposit fee of any amount depending on how much grant they are getting.

Show them some system proofs “Document work”

In most cases, they easily believe but taking the payment can be challenging. And you must use account details from their country so it won’t look suspicious.

I assume you already have your Pickers account ready by now so you can just send it to them and wait for their next message to see what next will be your response.

That’s how grant works.

Buy the complete Grant format for scamming

Like we always say! It’s difficult putting formats online in full that’s why you can hardly get any complete format online especially in PDF download.

It takes days even some format we use weeks in putting them together. If you need a good and complete format the truth is “You can’t get them free”

If you need the complete grant format for scamming, you will have to pay $50.

This format will show you

  • how to create your Facebook accounts for grants.
  • How to make a simple webpage for your grant offer without spending money.
  • The documents needed to show during the billing and how to get them
  • Copy and paste grant messages for bombing all social platforms.
  • professional Pictures for easy workdone
  • How to Create Custom email address.

Apart from the above, you are getting our 24/7 support. This means you can contact us anytime and we give you hints to follow your clients.

This format is available for download in PDF. Contact us to order.

Grant format for scamming

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