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The sugar daddy yahoo format is another update. It has been in existence for years but even till now, it’s still paying just like other formats we’ve discussed earlier.

The sugar daddy format for yahoo is similar to dating yahoo update but in this instance, you will be targeting clients way older and probably richer.

In dating, you are either getting a man or woman of your age to love you with the hope of spending the rest of your lives together as couples. But in this sugar daddy case, it’s only going to be for pleasure unless you want to take it to a different level where you make them believe so much in you to the extent of the conviction they have found a lover.

This sugar daddy scamming format does not always play online as it’s also done in reality. Young guys dating elderly women and the opposite as well.

What you need to know about this sugar daddy format for yahoo

Sugar daddy format for yahoo PDF

The whole idea of this format is that, after getting your victims to trust and believe so much in you, then extortion follows as usual.

The good news about this hustle is that there’s no limit to where you can catch your clients and also you have many victims online as you don’t have to go searching for them unlike doing dating format for Yahoo.

When you use an elderly woman profile in sorting for young guys online, we call that sugar mummy yahoo format. But in this case, you are using an elder man’s profile sorting for young ladies who are likely gold diggers. They are everywhere online.

Before we continue on how much money you can make using this update, you can also read more updates on DarkWeb.

How much money can one make using this format

The truth is there’s no limit to how much money you can make using this format but one thing you must know is that “You can’t earn very big from one client because no matter how much you try they will soon find out about your scam act and boom they are gone.

How much money you can make depends on your strategy and also your hard work in searching for more and more new clients. When you have them in bulk you are likely to Cashout big combining the little all will have to pay.

Per single client, you can make more than $1000 – $8000 “it all depends”.

This is not like relationship format where your victims will love you truthly. In this case, they are loving you for your wealth and because of the things you can offer after you’re just an old man who will pass out sooner or later and you don’t expect this hot looking young ladies to love you from their whole heart.

Do you know that this even made it easier. I will explain that in details. Keep reading.

How to get started with Sugar daddy format for client

Just like every other yahoo format, Bitcoin, celibrity, grant, internet, Next of kin, contractor, Doctor, lotto and many others you need certain materials to get started. In this case of sugar mummy or sugar daddy yahoo format, here are the necessary things you need.

  • Any international Number: YES,Any international phone number is useful in this case apart from UK or US as usual.

    The reason why you need an international phone number for whatsapp is majorly to sway your clients from the social media platforms where you bombed them from just incase your profile got banned/suspended.

    When this eventually happens, you won’t loose any client at all as you already have them all in your whatsapp or Google hangout if you decide to take their Gmail instead of whatsapp number.

    The main thing here is “always move them to a safer platform from where you bombed them.

  • Wealthy Social Account: Don’t go mad if people don’t chat you for hangout and the likes even after your many posts. One thing you should always have in mind is that” You are old already” and whoever want to roll with you is coming for the money.

    Now that you know. What you should focus on is “getting the most expensive” outlooks in expensive places living luxurious life with attractive writeups Like.

    The remaining days on earth is going to be Fun fun fun. Whoever cares can join me”

    I’ve been working for years. Now that the wealth has been accumulated. Let’s rock and roll

    Your pictures should display your multi – million mansions, luxury cars, jewelries, Travels and lots more.

Now that you have your profile loaded with plenty pictures and videos, you can now kick off.

Incase you’re still wondering where to get the pictures and videos, you can dive to Instagram and Facebook or even LinkedIn. Follow some old rich niggers and steal their complete profile (Cloning).

Websites to Catch sugar daddy and Sugar Mummy Clients

Apart from bombing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the regular social sites, you can also catch clients from specific websites know for sugar dating.

You will only have to visit these websites, create profiles and bomb clients through there. Indeed there are many of such apps and websites for sugar dating but am going to list few and with these, you can get started with this format.

Wither you are acting as a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, all of these websites will be of great help.

Trust format for sugar Daddy/baby

When it comes to using this format, trust shouldn’t be an issue. So long you’re consistent in Changing your profile always, posting the regular luxuries on your timeline. They will easily trust you out of greed and selfish interests.

Your only focus and target is getting more pictures and videos to post daily with many motivational quotes.

Since they also believe you are not asking them for money, it will make them trust you.

Sugar daddy billing format for Yahoo

The best way to bill Your Clients using the sugar daddy yahoo format is through Consignment billing update.

During your early stage of chat, you will have to ask your clients personal related questions like what’s their favorite places to travel, food, brands and many more.

Now that it’s time for billing, you simply do it by shopping alot of expensive items mostly from their favorite brands.

They already know you to be a wealthy person so they won’t be surprised when you tell them you are shopping expensive collections for them instead they will appreciate out of greed.

In doing this, you can then extort money from them continuously using the consignment billing format.

Here’s a summary of how the format works: You as a sugar daddy pretend to shop expensive and luxury items for your clients but for them to get hold of the goods, they will have to pay shipping fee, delivery fee, custom fee and any other fee you even think of.

haven seen how wealthy you are, how many giveaway and donations you’ve done to charity out of generosity, they won’t hesitate to believe all your tricks.

Now in receiving payments from your clients you gat to be smart in this area. Most at times we target clients from countries where we have AZA (account details) because in doing this, they won’t have issues making payment.

Giving your clients other means of making payments such as Bitcoin, cashapp, PayPal might be suspicious unless with better conviction. Am sure you wouldn’t want to risk your clients for that.

Giving them account details from their own country will make them trust you even more. What you need to do is just tell them the goods has been shipped and that you have sent their contact details to the agent who is in charge of the delivery.

After some days/weeks, they will be communicating with the agent to know when the goods arrives. When it finally does. You chatting them as an agent will then ask for shipping fee. In getting the goods across, they will have to pay custom fee.

Agent will have to send them account details for the payment while you on the other side keep doing follow up to make sure they pay.

Remember the amount you bill your clients depends on how much the goods shipped is worth.

The Sugar mummy yahoo format

The sugar mummy format is the direct opposite of the sugar daddy format for client. I will advise you always go with the sugar daddy yahoo format because it seem easier and faster in getting cashout.

Imagine the stress and conviction of getting a young cute guy to pay you money by whatever trick as a rich Lady. It’s kinda difficult and almost impossible unlike getting a lady to send you money as a rich dude. There are so many format to make it up.

How to avoid sugar daddy Scam

Sugar daddy make expensive posts online to entice ladies with the hope of spoiling them with expensive and promising lifestyles.

As a lady whenever you see some old niggas posting online always luxury materials and expensive lifestyle and always looking for who to spoil. Why not ask yourself “all these while he’s been posting why hasn’t he found enough people to spoil and stay calm”

Even if you decide to roll with them, yet another way to know they are scam is “They will always end up asking for money either directly or by tricks. Whenever any old folks come across you online, you shouldn’t send money in any circumstance else you might end up losing your hard earned money for some dudes out there.

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Sugar daddy yahoo format Pdf

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