Yahoo blackmail format PDF

The yahoo blackmail format is not something new. Even in our day to day activities it’s happening almost every time.

Though you may have not seen or come in contact but you must have heard or read about it online as there has been so many cases of blackmailing online.

Just incase you don’t know, scammers out there are seriously on this blackmail format for Yahoo and they come in different ways as there’s no specific way to carry out this update.

As an online user, you just have to be careful how you relate with people online especially when it comes to sharing personal informations, nudes and more if you don’t want to be a victim.

Before we continue, let me quickly share with you some different ways through which you can encounter this format online or offline. Please not that PDF is not available for this update. You can contact us for pdf but it’s paid and not free.

The Yahoo Blackmail format for client

Let’s talk about the sex Extortion and Defamation blackmailing format for Yahoo among the others.

Before you venture imto yahoo blackmailing format, be sure to understand its not legal and you will always go for it when caught.

Sex Extortion:

Scammers go online on different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. They create account and pose as male “Always with catching photos”.

Their target is either young girls they will approach for love or gay men looking for partners online. In a case where they use women profiles, they will search for men or lesbians.

When they finally get one they will chat the girl about love. in this format they are not after your money. They will continue chatting until you fall so much for them then they go ahead to making s*ex chats with you till you go wet. (they are always good with s*ex chats).

When they finally get you to this point, they will ask you to send them your n*ude videos/photos including your face. They will save it without your consent and then, the love or affection continues.

They will continue till they have more and more of your nudes. They will have your whatsapp number or other methods to chat you apart from Facebook since you guys are already lovers.

In most cases they will ask for your Facebook logins saying they want to help you fix something or come up with different story lines. This attempt is to hijack your Facebook or any social platforms where they got you from.

When they eventually do, they will chat you on the alternative way through which they’ve been reaching you as usual and they will come up with stories like “I have the feeling that you are cheating on me and i am going to revenge by posting your nudes online”.

You will then check on your Facebook maybe to reach out to them but then, they have changed the logins so you will no longer have access. The worse is that they will threating to post your videos on your timelines through the account they hijacked am sure you know what that means to the victim.

At the end the billing will follow. Clients at this point have no option than to keep paying and paying till they are tired.


This defamation blackmailing yahoo format targets only notable people in the society like politicians, lawyers, Doctors and others with reputation that wouldn’t want to be tarnished.

Chat or send email message to the client accusing them of something they know nothing about. E.g You came to my jewelry shop and store valuables and you taught you are going free. We have all your details and we are coming for you unless you agree on paying the monetary value of all the stolen items.

At first the target will deny the fact “afterall you never mentioned your shop name or anything related”. You will have to further pressure until they adhere but if they still refuse then copy their photos and make passport or driving license. Send to them and tell them they forget it during the robbery and that you are going to use it as an evidence against them.

The above is just a clue. You can come up with anything. Since they are big folks in the society they wouldn’t want anything to spoil their name. They will do anything to defend it.

Materials needed for Yahoo blackmail format

Having gone through all of the above, let me quickly share with you some materials needed for this Yahoo blackmail format.

  • Bitcoin Wallet: Yes this is very important when it comes to using this update. Almost all your victims will look for ways to get hold of you.

    There are very few ways to receive anonymous payments online among which bitcoin is the number one. When you receive payments through bitcoin they won’t be able to track you down.

    There are many ways to create bitcoin accounts .When you create an account, you get your bitcoin wallet or other crypto for receiving payments from anywhere without hassle.

  • Fake Photos: You cannot use your real photos in doing such shits so you will have to get some cool photos from social medias like Facebook and Instagram.

    If your targets are women then you need photos of some rich and good looking guys. You can get as many as you want online.

    Using such photos will make your target fall easily with the believe they have seen the rich guy they have been looking for. You can go ahead to even send them money if you have enough.

    This is just to make them believe so much in you. Don’t worry you will get your money back when it’s set.

  • Photoshop: This is a very important digital skill you need to create fake ID (passport or driving license). If you don’t have the skill, there’s nothing to worry about.

    You can hire people who design fake documents online. You can also hire us to help you make fake documents of any kind.

  • Any VPN: There’s no recommendation to what VPN you should use. There are millions of vpn services online both free and paid. You can use any of them in creating your social accounts and also reaching out to your clients.

    You are doing this to hide your identity because with your IP address you can be tracked and you might end up getting caught. You can search Google playstore for any type of vpn you want.

  • Number and email:You need a fake virtual phone number and email address. Aside from the social media where you got your clients from during bombing, you can give them your fake phone number or email where they can reach you always should incase you get disconnected on the media.

    You can buy virtual number online for Hustle and simply create Gmail account under fake identity.

Conclusion:Blackmailing format for Yahoo PDF

If you are using this yahoo blackmail format from Nigeria and your targets are Nigerians, there’s no need giving them complicated means of making payments. You can go ahead and create fake bank account.

With your fake bank account, you can receive money from your clients. This will make it easier for them to pay rather than going the hard way. Most of these clients may not know about bitcoin.

If you need the Yahoo blackmail format pdf download you can contact us. Fee attached.

Yahoo blackmail format PDF

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