Digital skills that makes you more money as a yahoo boy

I’ve have seen people make good amounts money from the street even when they know nothing about the street. They’ve never chatted any white man or woman before, neither do they have any interest in yahoo“Online scam” yet they live their whole life with money from the street.

By now you are probably wondering how’s that possible. I will explain that in relation to the main theme of this article “important skills to learn as a yahoo boy.

These skills can also be done by anyone else but if you are fully in the street and you possess these skills, you will always have an upper hand in the game.

There are so many online or digital skills to learn but today, here are some you might consider if you want to eat from the street.

Skills that provides street Funds

Today, yahoo is no longer something new or unusual as it used to be. Almost every family have one or more street workers. It has become a lucrative business to fellows as proclaimed.

But even as popular as yahoo “I can still tell you” It’s not a game for lazy people. It’s a game for determined, patient and persistent kinds.

If you want street money and you don’t want to become a yahoo boy. Here are some skills to learn.

  • Web Design
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics design
  • Programming

Graphics Design: This is one most wanted skill in the yahoo industry and it’s very clear the street cannot do without graphics designers.

Almost every yahoo format you can ever think of need documents unless you just want to skip the documents parts which will only make your work difficult in term of conviction. We don’t need to remind you that it’s impossible to cashout without your clients being convinced.

The Fake IDs, Next of Kin, Real estate documents, payment receipts, Flight tickets and many more which are usually fake how do think they are been done if not through graphics designs.

With this skill you can make good money as a yahoo boy because you don’t need to go through the stress of explaining your work to some strangers out there. You know what you want already so you just turn on your computer and get it done without hassle.

If you choose not to be a yahoo guy. You can team up with street guys. They are everywhere even online. You work while you get paid for job well done.

Video Editing: Video editing is another big thing in the Hustle industry. When you become a pro in video editing, displaying video proofs to your clients becomes an easy task.

If you have this skill as a yahoo boy, there are many processes that won’t stress you as they can easily be manipulated with your editing skills.

Web Design: This is another big shot. It’s important that you learn how to design websites yourself. If you can get this skill right, you won’t have to spend huge money for so many things.

Lets assume you have a new format to explore and you needed a website to keep it up. E.g brokers site, delivery site, etc. Do you know that creating any of these sites can cost you $500 – $1000. And to sum it all, it won’t be nice giving such job to people who might end up casting everything you’ve worked for.

The deal is not a legit one so carelessly giving out might land you in trouble only with time. When you are a web developer, it makes your work even more private as everything will be planned and done all by yourself. Isn’t that awesome?.

Your friends can bump into your fake crypto trading or investment website and still fall for it without knowing you as the owner because it’s not discussed with any third party during development.

Even if you’re not interested in doing yahoo. You can charge people any amount of your choice to design any type of website for them. These days, yahoo boys can pay huge sum to get web setup for their hustle acts. It’s more reason you need the web design skills.

Programming and Coding: This skill is required when it comes to making mobile/web applications. With programming skill as a yahoo boy, you can make it big in many formats through cloning and phishing.

Imaging creating an exact app that looks like PayPal, Skrill, palmpay, Facebook etc. Lure your victims to login through them and you get hold of their login access which you can use in doing whatever you wish without trace.

This same skill has helped us in collecting various Facebook details from any country of our choices. Same applied to other login credential which we usually put for sale on our website which am very sure you must have been wondering how possible getting other people’s logins accurately.

As a programmer, you have advantage to manipulate so many inventions online.

How to learn and master these skills

We are best specialized in Programming and Web design. We can teach you everything you need to know online without hassle. Our courses are ready in various videos for easy understanding.

You can contact us.

There are so many ways through which you can acquire all of the skills above either online or offline.

If you’re looking forward to online learning which i can boldly say it’s best and affordable, you should consider exploring website such as UDEMY.

Udemy is an online training website where almost every you need to learn is available only at affordable prices.

For you to learn these skills, you just have to be ready, not distracted and focused and in due time, you will be a master in any of them which you’ve desired.

Hope to see you in our next post.

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Digital skills that makes you more money as a yahoo boy

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