Format to cash out gift card from your client

If you’ve been following this website then you must have learned so much but not format to cash out gift card from your client as we’ve discussed different yahoo format ranging from Grant format for Yahoo,celebrity billing format etc.

In this article we are going to discuss yahoo format to cash out gift card from your client am sure you’ve been searching for this update otherwise you won’t be here.

For those who are still wondering what’s GiftCard. I won’t make a long explanation on that but for sure you will understand it perfectly.

What is Gift Card

Gift card is a digital payment method which can be used in making payments on retail shops, restaurants etc in certain areas as most people are yet to know about GiftCards.

Currently GiftCards has been made available on Cards “Physically” while it also remain digital. Below is what GiftCard looks like and it’s available in different prices and types.

You can use it in making payments online for apps, Music, subscribing to TV shows, watching movies, Buying games etc.

Apart from Online orders, you can also redeem your cards into cash by selling them to vendors who will inturn give you cash.

Different Types of Gift Cards

We have so many Gift cards but I will only be sharing a list for the most used and valuable ones because these are the ones almost all clients are familiar with.

We have the :

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • America express
  • Walmart gift card
  • Google play GiftCard
  • iTunes Card
  • Sephora
  • Best Buy
  • Starbucks
  • Frandango

Among all, the most used ones are :Amazon and iTunes Gift card.

iTunes Gift card

The iTunes GiftCard can be used in shopping apple products such as apple books, apple music, and can also be used on iTunes store for app purchase.

In addition to buying digital products such as Apps, games, movies, TV shows and many other subscriptions, it can be used on physical shops for buying apps products like iPad, iPhone, and Macs.

If you don’t want to use it for shopping, you can convert it to cash by selling it to dealers online or in your locale.

Amazon gift card

Instead of using your credit or debit card in making purchase directly from Amazon, you can use Amazon gift cards to ease the stress of card declinations.

You can also sell the funds just like your iTunes card. There are many legit and full time vendors who are always ready to buy any volume and pay you in your local currency.

This card was made by Amazon to order items on Amazon website but you can also use it on other websites who are partners in making purchases.

Format to cash out gift card from your client

Most clients are stubborn and am very sure you’ve met them on different occasions. They will never pay no matter how hard you try but using gift card format on them will end up forcing the money out as they easily fall for card scams rather than the other way.

The reason is because iTunes, Amazon, steam card and others are usually affordable so they wouldn’t consider it too big to risk.

If you are looking for huge funds to build a house, buy expensive cards, this format might not be suitable as it won’t earn something huge. Nevertheless, it’s good for survival.

This format will show you easy methods to collect card from your clients.

When you first get your clients, here are the things you should focus on:

Get Acquainted with your Clients:

No matter how little the iTunes, or Amazon gift card may look to you, they won’t send it if they are not acquainted with you.

Before you even think about anything, your first target should be in convincing your clients and making them believe so much in you.

You can get acquainted as a friend or in a relationship side of it. Most hustlers do use military billing format. This means you will have to make your clients fall in love with you as an army who’s currently in a war zone.

Then you can bill them with the fact that you can’t go to the bank because of the current situation in your location.

So long you’ve captured their heart, they will always listen to you. But the bottom line is “They should be used to you before asking for cards”.

Talk More about music:

To make the iTunes Gift card billing format go smoothly, you will have to make your clients aware how much you love music so they won’t ask many questions when you later talk about paying for songs on apple music.

Your conversation can go in this order.

Don’t expect your clients to always do exactly as you’ve said that easy. You have to work it out. Pressure them in your best way.

Some has already been scammed through this same format so no matter how hard you try, they will never fall for your scam. When you come across such, you just have to move on with your Hustle.

Your Target should be USA

In the United States getting iTunes and Amazon cards is very easy. It’s something you can buy from shops so when you target clients from this location it will be very easy to get cards from them.

Here’s what you should know.

  • You should use well spelt English because clients easily see errors.
  • You should be outside the United States when using this formula.
  • Don’t use any billing format unless they have in for you

  • Start your iTunes or Amazon gift card billing with as low as $100

If You are not that good in English you can use grammarly tool to correct your grammar errors.

How to collect gift Card from your client

Here’s the love format sample.

Below is a sample message you can send to your client for billing. Always remember to edit rather than copy and paste format. Read and edit.

Hi Love, sorry to bother you. Something just came up which I would want to share with you. Something just came up and I know you can help me solve it.

My phone was hacked into and my documents held by ransomware. The hacker is demanding I pay $1000 of which I don’t have at the moment. I finally bargained for $200 to be paid as an iTunes card.

He accepted after many pleadings. Can you please help me with that card – since I am offshore and have no access to purchase any. Once I am back, I will pay you back immediately.

I totally appreciate your help in advance and I love you deeply.

Cheers Bae.


Here’s the iPhone storage upgrade format.

In this case, you will have to tell your client that you want to upgrade your iPhone storage as there’s a notice to do that and not until it’s done, you won’t be able to use the phone as usual.

You can send them the message and the storage photo to convince them.

We still have other formats about a bad Phone.

The music billing format for iTunes

Before now you already told them you love music so telling them you want to pay for music won’t be an issue.

How to Bomb Clients for itunes Card format

You can bomb clients on whatsapp. There’s a guide here .

You can also bomb client on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and others. There’s no difference from what you’ve been doing.

You will have to Bomb them like you do for relationship and love format for Yahoo.

Sell You Gift cards for Cash

After getting paid, another challenge hustlers do face is where to convert cards to real money as there are so many scammers online in this area of hustle so you have to be careful on where to trade your cards otherwise you might end up working for someone else.

Here’s our legit recommendation.

If you are in Nigeria and you want to sell your gift card at affordable rates, you can trade them on Prestmit. The app is available on Android and iPhone.

Here’s the guide.

Prestmit for android users

Prestmit for iPhone users

format to cash out gift card from your client

We hope this format to cash out gift card from your client helped. Like you already know, there’s no limit to how far you can go using this format. You can modify it to perfect standard it all depends on you.

Writing about formats here is just to share ideas. You can never get it all but with the ideas, you can always make up something as a smart hustler.

Format to cash out gift card from your client

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