Phone billing format for Yahoo

The phone billing format for Yahoo is another update you should consider when looking for a way to bill your clients especially the stubborn ones that wouldn’t want to pay even though they’ve loved you so much.

The type of format you use in billing your client will determine how fast they will respond and that’s why we’ve discussed some of the urgent ways like the sickness or hospital billing format for Yahoo.

Earlier on, we wrote an article about celebrity format for Yahoo and bitcoin update. But in this post you will learn about the phone billing format for Yahoo, for sure it’s going to be interesting.

Phone billing format for Yahoo

Let’s discuss the different phone billing methods such as

  • Spoilt camera
  • Birthday gift
  • repair and exchange
  • Marketing method
  • truth or dare game

These update doesn’t necessarily mean obtaining the phone from your clients online via the yahoo method you know. It can be through any of these methods listed below but the goal is to get a phone you did not pay for.

  • Truth Or Dare Game: We all know how this game works. After bombing your clients online and having made them to fall in love so much with you, this game will then be proposed to them and if it’s approved, you will tell them to go first and having completed their side of the game, in your own quest you will dare your clients to buy you a new phone.

    Stop thinking if this will work because so many hustlers have gotta brand new expensive phones through this method. If they truly love you, they will get you phone and even a better one.

    If incase you don’t need a phone, you can later convince them to give you in cash instead of passing through the stress of shipping. Tell them you need the cash to buy the phone of your choice instead. For sure they will honour that request.

Manual Repair Scam : In this method you will have to register online with fake details as a mobile phone exchanger or a repair agency. You target customers with expensive devices and when you finally get one, you switch over. I don’t need to explain further.

There are many big repair shops online. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook and clone their accounts to target your clients. This method doesn’t necessarily mean billing your client it means obtaining mobile phones with fake pretense.

While you do this, you should be smart enough to handle these phones because most of these devices have trackers so if you obtain them and keep in your disposal you are at your own risk.

  • Marketing Method: This is another phone billing format for client where you post online as a big mobile and accessory dealer. Your target is those who does wholesales. They are the best clients to target.

    In this format you need to be consistent with your timeline by posting and commenting to be sure your timeline is lively for a long time so that when anyone views they can easily trust you as a dealer.

    When you finally get your clients you convince them that you will need some of their devices for a test market and that If it goes well in your location you will order them in bulk. You can go for some new devices in the market to make your clients believe you.

When they eventually adjust to your offer and send you some of the devices you block them and do the normal.

Spoilt Camera: here’s another phone billing format for Yahoo. This will work perfect if you pose as a lady. The target is a man who will love you and having gotten one, you engage with them on chat for a long time till they become desperate to see you on video call which is one thing they will always ask for.

When they demand for video call, tell them your phone is having camera issue and that you cannot do video call with it and that you’re planning on getting a new device.

Promise them that ones your device is ready you can go on video call. If the client really loves you he will asked to know when you’re planning on getting a new phone. That’s where the story begins.

Just tell them you don’t know because you don’t have money at the moment.They will have no option but to get you a phone but if they didn’t give in through this method, you will have to go offline for days and after they have missed you so much, you will come online and tell them the phone has spoilt totally and that’s why you’ve been offline for days.

Tell them you’re currently chatting from your friends phone and that you’ve missed them so much that’s why you decided to login through a friends phone to check on them. After that, logout again for some days. At this point they should be the one making plans on how to get you a new phone.

  • Birthday Gift: Having chatted with your client for a long time, now they have affection towards you being a man or woman this format will work fine.

    Inform your clients about your upcoming birthday. Maybe one or two weeks ahead. Tell them to get your birthday gift ready and they you wouldn’t want to hear any stories since they are the most special person in your life. Tell them you won’t take any gift from anyone if you didn’t receive their own first.

    At this point they will be curious to know what you would want for a gift. When they ask, tell them you need a mobile phone because you want to start a YouTube channel and that the one you’re using currently have low ram and poor camera.

You can later convince them in sending money to buy the phone of your choice in your country instead of waiting long through the shipping process.

Conclusion: Mobile billing format for client pdf

Any of these phone billing format for Yahoo will work perfectly but before you get started, be sure to have made your clients fall so much in love to the extent they can’t pass a day without commutating with you.

When it finally gets to this point, the billing becomes very easy. Asking anything from your clients and getting them to deliver will no longer become a problem.

Untill your clients trust you they won’t give you anything even if it will cost them nothing to provide. The goal is to build trust at first. Please check back for our next post.

Phone billing format for Yahoo

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