Yahoo menstruation billing format

Have you considered the menstruation billing format for Yahoo or you’ve suddenly concluded without try that the format isn’t effective.

Like i always say, there’s no less effective yahoo format. It all depends on your approach and strategies. That same format you are done with, others are busy cashing out with it on a daily.

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This is not the regular dating format you know even though it’s similar, It’s entirely different because in this case you are going to act as a woman so your clients or victims are going to be men unlike the reverse where you search for women as your clients.

In this article i will explain everything you need to know about this update and how to get started as a beginner so stay connected.

Yahoo menstruation format

Since your targets are men, it simply means you are getting through the relationship or love format before getting on the menstruation stage because no one will pay attention without being in love.

Just imagine how foolish you will look telling someone who is not your lover about your menstruation. I don’t need to tell you they will never take you serious on that issue talk-more of sending you money in that regards.

To get started here are the few things you need:

Valid VPN network: There are many VPN services online both paid and free. We usually recommend proton VPN for freebies. You can search for more on your appstore or Google playstore.

The major reason you need this VPN is not in communicating with your clients but to grant you access to certain dating website that won’t allow you unless from specific locations.

There are many dating apps and websites made for USA ,UK ,etc while some are made only for Asians so if you access them from Africa or other locations your account might get restricted even if you manage to register. Vpn will help change your location and make you anonymous.

Beside that, as a scammer your identity is meant to be hidden at every point because some of your victims may end up tracking you after scamming them.

Grammerly account: Some of these people you’re targeting as your clients are very intelligent. If you claim you are from the United states they will expect your accent to be of the Americans. They will easily suspect you as a scammer if you’re going opposite their conviction.

Also, there should be little or no mistakes in your typing. Everything should be done accordingly to avoid suspecting you.

The use of grammarly will help in correcting all your grammatical and typing errors when communicating with your clients. The grammarly have premium and free version for beginners.

Profile Matters: Yes Your profile really matters when it comes to getting started with this update. These men won’t find interest in the first place because they don’t know you and they haven’t met you before.

The only thing that’s going to catch their attention is your profile. That’s why you should give attention to your profile and posts on any social or dating platform you are going to make use of.

If your profile is attractive you won’t get problem with bombing clients because they will be the one to start conversation with you in most cases. This will even give you more advantage because you will have limited role to play as a woman being wooed.

It’s an error to create or hack an account without properly editing the account even if it will take you days. That is the major area you should pay more attention as a yahoo boy because most of these clients will patiently scroll through every of your timeline for validation.

If you have your vpn , Grammerly account and your well organized profile either on Facebook ,LinkedIn ,Twitter or Instagram you will have to bomb your clients and when they finally accept you on their list, the next thing is to start a conversation if they wouldn’t after few days of their approval. But then you need some photos for your profile.

You can browse through any social media to sort some good looking girls which are attractive to men. Follow their timeline and copy everything they’ve got “Their videos and photos” You can create a cloned or duplicate version of the account for your hustle using the photos and videos you’ve copied.

More about this update

menstruation billing format

The goal is to make them fall in love with you to the extent they will be ready to give anything for the love. When it comes to this stage you can then explore the billing otherwise it won’t work.

Now that the client is finally in love, here’s how to go about the billing:

Ignore them for days: You will need to engage them with lovely conversations for days without stop and suddenly you will just go offline. When this happens they will be worried having missed your chats for days which is unusual.

At this point they will be ready to know what’s wrong by all means. That’s where everything gets progressive. It’s the habit of almost all men. They will always need a valid reason to send money otherwise they won’t make a move on that aspect.

When you finally breeze in after going ghost for days, Tell them you are having come medical issues which you’re currently dealing with. Don’t discuss further even if they insist.

The next time you show up again, it’s right to get started with the billing.

  • Tell your clients the name of the current condition you’re balling with.
  • Discuss how far you’ve gone and how much you’ve spent so far
  • Show them medical receipts for more conviction and request for help.

Always remember to add the diagnosis you’re currently battling with to your medical receipt. This will create more conviction.

Here are some samples of billing formats. Copy and paste to your clients but don’t forget to edit before sharing with your clients.




Menstruation photos for client

To show how critical your situation is, you can send your clients some menstruation photos. Since your face won’t be included ,you can get menstruation photos from anywhere just like below.

menstruation yahoo format

menstruation billing format for Yahoo

menstruation yahoo format for client


Always remember that no one will give you money online without creating value in the past. Your target is to make your clients fall in love with you before billing.

Even when you bill them, they are likely not to give in at first but you just have to be persistent and constantly reminding them till they eventually agree to pay.

If you need the complete pdf you can contact us on whatsapp. Before you exit this page you can read our previous articles about online banking billing format.

Yahoo menstruation billing format

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