Online banking billing format for Yahoo

Have you ever taught of online banking billing format for Yahoo and how to get started among many other formats we have discussed earlier on this blog such as the next of kin update, dating format for woman to man and lots more you can get by browsing through this platform.

There are so many Yahoo formats out there and i can even say the list is endless. As a hustler you know less than 10% of all the updates in the street and that’s why you should be eager and ready to always learn more.

Recently, we discussed apartment yahoo format for hustlers of which am very sure you will find it helpful as it was detailed everything you need to know regarding apartment or real estate hustle either as a fake seller or buyer of properties.

Nevertheless, In this article our discussion is based on the banking billing format and how to get started.

Online Banking billing format for Yahoo

Here’s how the online banking format works in case you have been hearing about it but don’t know exactly how it goes.

You create a fake online bank account and load it with huge amount of money upto millions of dollars. The aim is to entice your gullible and greedy clients of which you end up scamming them.

This 419 can happen to anyone. Even the so called smart niggers out there can fall victim.

Imagine seeing a bank account loaded with $10M and someone said you should pay $2K to process it with some strong convictions (format). Your greed can take you there because you will be getting enough proof and conviction.

Before we continue, let me brief you on tips not to become a victim to online banking scam.

How to avoid getting scammed through online banking

Here are few things to consider.

  • Take risk but let it be calculated: I can’t possibly advise you never to take risk because among the many scam, there are real deals out there. this means you shouldn’t risk more than you can afford.

  • You can’t get rich overnight: All that glitters are not gold but all gold glitters. Whenever an offer becomes too real, the best thing you should do is run. Imagine someone bringing $1M and he wants to collect your $1K to unlock it. Without being told, you should know it’s not worthy.

  • One good characteristics of hustlers with the online banking format is that they always show many videos and screenshots of huge bank balance. All to lure you.

  • The banks they always show are online banks created by them. You should always Google the online bank names given by your suspects to see if they even exist or not.

How is the Online banking Accounts loaded

Anyone with developers skills can easily manipulate the balance because it’s made by them and they have access to the database.

All they do is login the admin section of the online banking website and topup any user (likely their clients). So you can create account with the online bank and have zero balance and you wake up the next day with huge funds and the scammer will say your account has been loaded. You will have no choice but to believe because you are seeing it live.

It’s not difficult to load online banks. You just need to have access to the said online banking website+database or administration details.

Now that you know how to avoid online banking scam and also how easy it’s loading online banking wallets, let’s talk about how to get started.

How to get started with online banking yahoo format

To get started with this format for Yahoo, you will first of all setup a platform (the online banking website), Bomb Clients and build relationships, then lure them to your online bank before the billing.

The most difficult thing here is how to create an online banking website because you need developers skill to run it but rejoice because we gat you covered.

Create an online banking Website

With our online banking service, we can help you create an online banking website at affordable cost. Remember, other developers out there can charge as high as $650 to create these same online banking platforms.

Here’s a DEMO Another DEMO . We have over 20 other Demos you can choose from if you desire our service. We will have you setup the website and also give you the best premium clues to get started. See you in our DM.

Sort your clients carefully

Instagram and Facebook and good places to get clients using this format. In one of our recent article, we discussed pages to bomb clients on Instagram.

When bombing clients for this format, you shouldn’t go through the Tech guys/women because they are likely to have even more knowledge and skill than you do. Your targeted clients should be some dumb entertainment lovers out there who may likely know nothing about this shit. We listed some Instagram handles you can check out for in the article prescribed earlier.

When you finally get your clients, what you should be thinking next is how to nurture them and make them trust you. There are two possible ways to do this. Either in a relationship or friends but relationship has always been advisable.

In that case you will have to explore the dating or relationship format for Yahoo .

When you finally wins their hearts before you can then start the online banking billing format process.


You will have to tell your client who is likely to be in a relationship with you at this point of billing that you have good amount of money in your account but it’s kept on a fixed deposit and you won’t be able to withdraw from until certain period.

Here you will send them screenshot of your current balance or even give them login details to your wallet depending on how far both of you have gone. Immediately they have seen your balance they are likely to adhere to your next line out of greed.

Tell them you have the intention to loan some good amount of money from your bank so that both of you can buy a house in one of the best cities of her choice, buy cars, open a good business and start living good life while the profit you gain from the fixed deposit account is what you will be using in repayment of the loan.

If your wallet balance is $2M tell Your Clients you want to Loan $5 or more and that before you can be eligible to take this loan, you need additional $10K in your bank balance.

They will have to assist you at this point. Their response will determine your next line. Am sure at this point you understand how the format works.

Like i always say, nobody can give you all the format you need online that’s why we always create a special pdf for all our updates where everything is written in details with documents included.

If you need this online banking billing format for Yahoo pdf you can contact us. It’s not free but affordable.

We hope you get this pdf and start work. We are waiting for you.

Online banking billing format for Yahoo

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