Getting started as a Blogger

For those who are still searching for legitimate ways to make money online, this article is made for you. However, for the other group of people am sure you know where to find the hustle update. They are all available.

Recently we wrote an article on how to monetize peoples videos and contents. You can get started with that if you’re interested in making money from social media.

This blog is designed with the aim of to teach you how to make money and also educate you on some scam platforms you should avoid. Mind you, we not only teach legal ways to earn but also the other way round provided it pays.

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There are millions of legit ways to earn money online, all you need is just “Learn how to” and that’s why am going to enlighten you on blogging and how to get started as a beginner. This post might not cover everything but as time goes on we shall be discussing more since blogging is a very broad topic.

Getting started with blogging

Blogging is a very lucrative online business for those who take it as a business and not for fun. You can get started from anywhere at any point in time provided you have internet access. There’s no limit. Here are the necessary steps needed to get started with blogging as a business.

  • Discover a niche
  • Create a blog
  • Create Engaging contents
  • Build your audience
  • monetize your blog

Find a lucrative Niche:

A niche in blogging is that area you would want to blog about.

It should be the field you know more about maybe your own personal skills like football, engineering, education, how To’s, health, etc. Having chosen your niche based on what you know best and have full knowledge of, the next step is to create a blog based on that niche you just decided.

Setup A blog:

You can create blog yourself using WordPress or hire a web developer to help you setup your blog. so long you’re coming as a business it’s advisable you hire a professional to setup your blog.

Always affordable if you create your website using my webdesign services. Just contact us let’s help you get it done.

When choosing a domain name always remember to make it easy to access. Just like this blog you are ready from. That’s the most important thing when it comes to choosing a great domain name for your website. Your audience should find it easy to spell and remember at all time.

Create Contents:

Now that you have chosen a blog niche and your website is ready for visitors the next thing is to start creating engaging and helpful contents because that’s what your audience are looking for.

If you can’t provided reasonable contents nobody will love to visit your blog repeatedly. This part is not easy but you must do it right provided you are doing blogging for business.

If you are not good in creating strategic contents based on your niche, you can hire professional writers who can do the job.

Grow your Audience:

Getting traffic to a newly launched blog or website is the most difficult and frustrating aspect of blogging. many years ago when we started this game everything was easy compared to this day.

Google has made so much update making it very difficult for new blogs to rank top. Even existing blogs suffer especially when you blog the wrong way.

There are so many things to learn about getting traffic to your website. It’s not as easy as it sound. Am sure someone is wondering if Google is the only traffic source. Not really because there are many others and that’s why I’ve said “There’s more to learn”.

After creating compelling articles, the next thing you should do is optimize your blog for visibility “This is called SEO” search engine optimization. With this practice, your blog will be visible on Google search.

Apart from Google search, you can create a social media group, page or profile where you can be sharing your posts to reach more audience. In addition, you can also build Emails lists as a means to get returning visitors.

This topic of getting visitors to your website is even bigger than this post you are reading right now. Probably in my next article we are going to deliberate more on that.

How to monetize your website

After growing your blog with good numbers of visitors the next thing you should be thinking of is how to make money because that’s the goal from beginning. There are many ways to make money from your website but below are the common practices to be considered.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Market personal products
  • premium membership
  • Sponsorship posts
  • Ads platforms

Affiliate marketing:

This means promoting people’s products on your website while you earn commission per sale or referral to the promoted products or company.

When choosing products to promote as an affiliate marketer its important to consider your blog audience. Choosing products based on your niche tends to be more profitable. E.g if you blog about sport, the target audience are sport lovers and the products that are likely to convert are sport related. Same with health, education, entertainment and other blog niches.

Sell personal products:

You can create and sell your own products directly through your websites. This can be in video or ebook form.

Premium Membership:

You can open a section of your website for paid users. They will be able to access certain products and information made for premium users.

Apply for ads platforms:

This can be possible when third party platforms like Google Adsense place their adverts on your websites. You earn part of the revenue and get paid monthly through your website.

Before applying for Google Adsense or other ads platforms you should be sure your site has met their requirements as a publisher otherwise your application will be rejected.

Sponsorship Posts:

This can also mean advertisement on your website but this requires you to help your clients advertise their products on your website while they pay. The charges depends on how many visitors comes through your website daily and monthly.

NOTE: These are just few out of the many ways to earn from your website. You can make research more on this area. Before you continue with that, you should also have in mind that the major thing is growing your blog to standard. Once that’s done, making money will never be a problem.

So many people fail in blogging because they came chasing the bag. You should know your purpose and be ready to work if you must make money from blogging.

Just like every other business it also requires your time, strategies, efforts and dedication.

If you are getting started with blogging for the first time, you have alot to learn because only this post can’t get you through. This is just an introductory article. You will have to learn via mentorship or using Google search.

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Getting started as a Blogger

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