Monetize peoples videos without violations

Content creation is one of the best ways to make money online in this current age and trust me there’s no limit to how much you can earn as a content creator provided you know what you are doing.

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Facebook been the biggest platform for creators have some restrictions on certain countries such as Nigeria making it impossible for monetization unless you will have to do it the other way which is:

Create the account, meet the monetization requirements, let someone you can trust from the eligible countries manage your page and complete the monetization process.

The whole thing is coming to end as Facebook as announced that this process will be made available for Nigerians (date was clearly stated). That’s a good news you can equally take advantage of.

There are certain procedures to get started such as choosing a niche and having the necessary tools for editing and publishing. You don’t need a big device or Pc to get started. You can start with what you have currently.

In this contest niche simply means the specific area you want to blog about on your page. E.g comedy, reviews, interviews, pranks,education etc.

For you to create and make money from contents you need some video editing skill and also you should be bold to face the camera unless you want to use other people’s contents on your page. Someone’s actually asking if that’s possible?

Yes it’s.

Making money through peoples contents

If you go to Facebook, TikTok and other social media platforms that pays creators you will see some viral pages but to the greatest surprise these pages don’t own original contents of their own. They copy contents from other pages and repost them and still make money through these contents.

You should understand they don’t just copy the videos and post them the same way. The videos have to undergo some editing process which we shall be discussing on this post otherwise Facebook and others will strike the videos for policy violations.

Bypass policy violation on people’s contents

You need some tools to get this done after which you can post people’s videos and still monetize your page without violations.

  • Video downloader: First of all you will have to get some short and clean videos from TikTok using the video downloaders.

    There are many downloaders online but this one is recommended because it will automatically remove the watermark from every video you download.

  • HD downloader:
    If you’re looking forward to getting your video from Facebook or other platforms you can use this one because it’s perfect and easy to use.

    You will only have to copy the link from the media of your choice, paste the link on the downloader app and you will be able to download the video in good quality.

  • Download InShot: This one is the final stage. This is the only tool you need to remove the policy violation from the videos you’ve downloaded using the above tools.

    Other tools like VLLO can also serve this same purpose but we are choosing inShot because it’s free and suitable for beginners. In addition, it’s easy to use.

Here’s exactly what you are going to do with InShot.

Create your own video maybe with your face don’t worry you won’t show your face to the public you only want to use it in removing the violation from the videos you downloaded.

After making your original clip, the background and your audio doesn’t matter because it’s of no use. Open the InShot app and create new project.

Select the original video you created and mute the audio in the video after that, click on Pip and select the video you want to post on your page. That’s the one you downloaded from Facebook, TikTok etc.

Once the pip is completed you can add text to your video if necessary and save for use. This will make the video you downloaded pass the violation. Below is a video to guide you through the above explanation.

This strategy is best for short videos of at least 4 minutes. These are the types of videos you should sort for. With this, you can make money from people’s videos without violation of policy.

Media Monetization requirements

  • YouTube: YouTube monetization qualification demand you have at least 1K Subscribers with 4K watch hours of youtube watch time over the past 1year.

  • Facebook: Your page need to ahead at least 10,000 followers and must generate 30K one minute views on video that are at least 3 minutes in the past 2 months.

  • TikTok: You need at least 100K followers in your TikTok personal or creators account because you can’t monetize business accounts. Get at least 3 video in the past 28 days and receive at least 100K likes on your videos.

Once your accounts meet these requirements you are ready to start the monetization process.

Meta Business Suite: For Facebook monetization and page management one of the best apps to download is the Meta business suite:

This app will help in managing your page the right way as it’s made with extra features. It’s not advisable managing your page from the regular acebook app. It’s highly limited compared to using the business suite.

If you have some skills like dancing, if you are funny to create original comedy videos or creative enough to make other contents that are original that will be even better and more reliable than using people’s contents. However if you are lazy like me you can go ahead with the above. The goal is to make money doesn’t matter how you go about it.

Monetize peoples videos without violations

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