Recharge Card printing business

There are so many business online both legal and illegal. The good news is that we discuss both in this platform so it’s upto you making decision on which way to follow.

Before now, we discussed some digital marketing skills which may also interest you.

What about recharge card printing business in Nigeria? What exactly discouraged you in quest to start this so called lucrative business as it’s generally described online. Let me guess?.

  • No enough capital to get started
  • No idea on how to get started
  • You lost interest in the business
  • The profit margin is too low.

Anyway even if your reason didn’t fall in any of the above categories let’s continue with this article you might find some helpful tips.

Recharge card printing business

Over the years this business seem to be very difficult for beginners but sincerely speaking it’s as easy as every other business you can ever think of.

Before we continue here’s exactly what it means by recharge card printing business in Nigeria.

You own a company, a brand or whatever you can call it but what you do is print recharge cards from the major networks in Nigeria such as airtel, mtn, glo, Etisalat and 9mobile.

After printing , you sell in bulk and make your profit. It’s as easy as that but then, there are certain knowledge and materials needed in order to get started and these are some of the things we are discussing in this article.

Getting started with this business

First of all you need a mobile phone or pc because the software or app used in making cards is available for both devices.

So long you have an android phone or pc of any version you have nothing to worry about. Once that’s ready, the next step is:

Download the NetDivo manager: This is one of the best tool for printing recharge cards without stress.

Once that’s done, you will have to pay for the app activation or access fee. When you install the tool you will see the actual cost which is around 10,000 naira.

When you order NetDivo, you will have access to contacts of reliable Epin dealers in Nigeria so you will have to contact them and buy the epins.

After buying the epins in bulk from these dealers, you can then upload them in to the portal via the NetDivo app.

Connect your printer and load it with the recommended paper size. You can connect the printer to your phone or pc. It all depends on which device you are using.

Once that’s done, you can now print out your cards through the NetDivo app and boom, your card is ready for marketing. You can now sell and make profit.

As for the business name, everything can be incorporated via the app in question.

You can download the NetDivo app .

Get enlightened about the business

This business is nothing more than what’s stated above. It’s as easy as that but before venturing you should take a second thought!.

It’s advisable you do some research to know the cost for each pin for all the networks. This will enable you know the exact profit margin so you can easily backdown if you are not OK with the profit.

Personal opinion: Few years ago this business seem very lucrative but currently i can boldly say it’s not especially in most areas.

Am not trying to discourage you in anyway because i don’t know where you’re reading this post from but before you get started try to know the demand and how far your marketing skills can go in your area.

Currently the rate of online recharge has increased rapidly. many people no longer buy recharge card instead they just do it directly from their banks.

Think about yourself reading this post “when last did you buy recharge card?” this is also applicable to others out there.

Conclusion: I once had this business in mind, i bought the software, i purchased printer, PC and other necessities after getting in touch with the epin dealers I immediately discarded my plans because the profit margin was unbearable. That was few years ago so i can’t tell how exactly it looks like currently that’s why you will have to figure out yourself.

Don’t get confused. Read and watch the video I’ve shared in this post you will understand perfectly. Thanks for visiting our website. I hope this information is helpful. Please comment your opinion about this business.

Recharge Card printing business

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