FLASH FUNDS basically for fake alert

No matter what you think or say about the economy of the world today, be rest and sure it’s not getting any better. The hardship and value of local currency dropping drastically will always remain.

The rich getting richer while the poor people suffer and get poorer will still remain a fact that cannot be altered.

Today standing out all depends on personal decision and your ability to take crazy risks. That’s exactly what has brought many of us this far. But don’t worry because this time around you aren’t taking risk to get the funds simply by doing fake transfer.

Through this fake alert so many of our followers has purchased brand new cars risk free and many other valuables such as iPhones, iPads, laptops, smart Tvs and other gadgets.

In our recent article we talked about how to do fake alert where we made mention of two different tools “Flash funds and Zoalert”.

Sincerely speaking, there’s no fake alert tool better than these two and in the recent post, we only made a video on how to use Zoalert.

Ever since the article has been published and gone viral I’ve gotten so many requests to make post or video on how to use flash funds for Sending fake alert so I’ve decided to make it clear here.

Understand the tool

This is the first online tool for sending fake bank alerts in Nigeria before it was later upgraded to sending both local and international transfer as more clients around the globe also fell in love with the function.

That means with flash funds, you can now send alerts to foreign countries with just few clicks. That’s amazing right?

Overtime there have been so many vendors and distributors of this tool to the extent that scammers even take advantage of the tool that’s why you can’t get the real tool anywhere apart from few vendors and here on DarkWeb.

Here are certain things you should understand about this tool before you get started.

  • Flashfunds doesn’t have any other function apart from sending fake bank alerts. It’s not like Cardro pro which have multiple functions such as Bvn hack, fake transfer and carding.

  • Alerts can be sent within and outside Nigeria. (over 50 foreign countries). that means app won’t function on some countries which won’t be able to list out here but right on the app you will see the available countries.

  • There’s no need for activation as app is based on topup. You only pay to get your wallet funded and once that’s done, you won’t need any extra payment unless you want to reload wallet again.

  • Alerts sent to foreign banks can take at least 10-20 minutes to deliver why within nigerian takes less than 10 minutes. You should learn to exercise little patience while your alerts get delivered.

  • App is available for android, iPhone, and PC devices. Contact us to download any other version apart from the Android version which can be downloaded here.

  • You can send unlimited amount provided you have the money in your flash wallet but you can only use the app 4 times daily.

    That’s why you should always set out your daily sending plans before you start using the tool if you don’t want to exceed the daily limit unfulfilled.

Flash Funds Download

If you are using android device and you want to download flash funds app, use the button below.

Before you download flash funds app, you should know how to use the tool. You can watch the video demo guide shared above. That will teach you how to use the tool right on your mobile phone.

While you do, let me quickly break it down for easy understanding.

For you to get started with flash funds app after download, you should first of all decide if you want to use it for sending local or international transfer or you want to use it for both.

When you open your app, the first thing you should do is Fund your local or international wallet or both so you can have money in your wallet to send alerts.

That’s because you are not allowed to send money within or outside the country without topping up your wallet. That means you cannot use the app unless your wallet is loaded.

In the local topup, there are different options ranging from (45,000 Naira for 4.5M topup) and above while the International topup starts from $100 for $10K topup and above. You will see all that in your app.

As soon as you have funded your app wallet through the topup option of which you are allowed to make payment using bitcoin or bank transfer for NGN, you can then start sending unlimited fake alerts.

Facts about the transferred Funds

Any money you transfer using flash funds cannot be withdrawn in cash and it can only last 14days in the recipient account after which it will disappear.

So if you’re still asking how to Cashout using this method. Let me whisper that to you.

Go to a POS Shop far from you, make a transfer and it will be confirmed. You will be given cash in exchange and you are done cashing out using this tool.

Apart from getting cash, you can use it for buying things from phone and gadget shops, supermarkets, or anywhere transfer can be allowed.

Don’t be scared of getting caught. The elapse duration is enough to assemble yourself and besides your transactions are anonymous.

You can get started with this tool while it’s still functional and blazing. Like we always say here “Nothing lasts forever” we have had many tools that are no more after many years and that’s why you must make use of every slight opportunity like this.

As far you saw and read this page, it shows the app is still working because any tool that’s no longer working we immediately remove them from public view. That’s how we work here.

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FLASH FUNDS basically for fake alert

147 thoughts on “FLASH FUNDS basically for fake alert

  1. I have been using this tool for the past 2yrs and it has never failed. It’s working like magic. Kudos to the programmers

  2. Cashout is sure if you can get this tool. Personally i use it on point of sales (POS) that’s where i extract my cash (smile) it’s just as easy as said.

  3. Paid for topup and got it almost immediately. Am grateful will definitely come back for more topup as soon as this one is exhausted.

  4. Hi. Am ready to pay for the topup but i have some questions which I already dropped on whatsapp but no response yet. Am waiting please

  5. This fake alert of a thing is giving me concern if I will get it right. My guys are really cashing out here but just skeptical

      1. Please I have an important question please can I use my flash fund app to deposit into my sporty bet account

  6. If I pay for the tool how long should i wait to get my wallet loaded because am going to make payment immediately but I just want to be sure how fast since it’s urgent job

  7. Thank you. For the past two months the app has been working and now it’s showing patch update required please what does it actually mean

  8. What a great idea behind this app. Kudos to all the developers and to darkweb. We move.

    I have this tool already looking forward for more tools sir

  9. Oh my goodness. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for over the years. App is so sweet and easy

    Anyway I’ve started operation already because money must be made

  10. I’ve been using this tool long before now and it’s working well for me. If you comment negative here i guess you are getting something absolutely wrong

  11. Hello I’m new downloading the app… I have not tried it yet, but I’m very grateful to be able to download this software. Thanks a lot ????????

  12. I have been trying to make payment for days now with transfer, I have chatted your both numbers on this site but no response ontime, up till now, still no payment made…what is happening

  13. Please who should I send my money to so u will topup my wallet
    iMessage but u Guy didn’t reply please anyone

    1. I just made my topup sir and I’ve been able to do just one fake alert. I just want to ask if it’s possible to do more?

  14. Please I don’t have anything coin stuff
    I only have Opay app
    And I don’t know how to fund it please any help

  15. Please I think you guys should make instant messages more productive.
    For days people struggle to reach you guys even for payments.

  16. Please sir.can I make payment through the number on this site or on the app because they are different contacts

  17. Why is it always hard to talk to you guys on WhatsApp and how do I top up my wallet through bank transfer

  18. This is wonderful yea …I need a hacking tools for Banks and lots ..Hey dark web we need more updates please

  19. How soon will be topup be added because I don’t understand exactly and how effective this topup thing works

  20. Please help us and bring more of the prohibited app i need the best way of hacking IG, FB, Snapchat, telegram. please

  21. Was wondering if it’s legit but am glad to know it’s working very well even more than expected

  22. Please can someone receive alert once I send the money,even in a POS machine,I just want to know

  23. I used the tool in Nigeria and it worked fine but please can I use it in China? Wanna use it in paying for some items but I need confirmation first

  24. I did top up and got a mail that I did over payment, however I need my account funded regardless of what the payment was like.

    1. Please you people should help the suffering ones too !! I couldn’t top up my flash fund but I have downloaded it yes I find it thank god it enter my phone please who do I make the transfer too 45,000 so they can help me top up my wallet please

      1. Please how did you download the Flash funds App ? I have been trying to download it on my iPhone but it’s not working

      1. This is a very great and reliable tool. I’ve been using it for years and I’ve already referred many. I love what you guys do here


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