How to do Fake Alert

If you’re in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, USA, Canada, China or any part of the world and your quest on how to do fake alert has brought you here, it’s nice to say a big “Congratulations for this is going to be your last search” as regards to sending fake bank alerts locally or globally.

So far, here on DarkWeb we have discovered, discussed and developed so many useful tools which can help you generate fast returns. To list but few, we have the sportybet balance adder app which helps in topping up your sportybet wallet without using your personal money.

We have the Coinceller app, a very powerful tool for sending fake crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, LTC and others.

We have the VideoCorlar app which has remained a perfect solution to fake whatsapp Video calls. With this app you can make unlimited video calls on whatsapp with fake identity.

We have many others such as bexchange, ssnphisher, oracle2000, palmpay adder, simero clone, Xcaret100 etc and you can get all of these tools from . However, in this post, we shall be talking about Zoalert and Flash Funds which currently are the best tools when it comes to sending fake bank alert.

Where can one use these Apps?

These fake alert apps are great ideas to make money but you just have to play your card well otherwise you might just end up in jail like many others.

We always recommend using them in buying things from people online through transfer, or Cashout through POS withdrawals but then you may need to go to a distance location far from where you decide to carry out this act. In doing so, you identify remain mask even if they later noticed its fake after 14days. You will be nowhere to be found.

In addition, you can use them in repayment of Loans, rents especially in systems where other transactions are carried out rapidly.

How to do Fake alert

There are many tools online for sending fake transfer. But what you must always know is “too many are fake”. This is why it’s advisable to always get your tools directly from DarkWeb. In doing this, you will get the best and legit tools online.

Below are the two notable and legitimate tools for sending fake alerts and why they are recommended over others.

How to do fake alert using Flash Funds

The below video best describes how to use flash funds app via your mobile device.

For almost a decade now, flash funds is still remains a top tool when it comes to fake transfer.

With flash funds app, you can send fake alerts locally and internationally. This means it allows you not only to send fake transfer to Nigeria but also to other countries “It’s a universal tool”.

The initial version of flash funds tool makes it only possible to send alerts to certain banks based on the security systems of many banks like UBA and first bank.

However, the recent version makes it easy sending to all banks with just few clicks.

In the earlier version you can only send 3M in Nigeria currency irrespective of the country you are sending to but in this recent version, you are allowed to send unlimited funds but can only use the app four times in every 24hrs.

Before now, you don’t need to topup Wallet instead you will register and send alerts through your logged system. But now it’s easier as you don’t need any registration portal. The topup is based on unique ip address assigned to every app installer.

With this IP, our system can easily topup your wallet with your desired value based on what we have available on the app topup portal.

Alerts stays in recipient accounts for 14days duration before they are being cleared by the system.

All alerts can be confirmed both in app and USSD codes by the recipients. During the Elapse period, the funds cannot be reversed, withdrawn or sent out to other banks without errors. That’s why it’s called fake alerts.

How to do fake transfer using Zoalert

The below video gives a perfect overview of how Zoalert works. I hope it’s helpful.

Zoalert is a perfect tool for sending fake transfer to over 40 countries globally including Nigeria, UK, USA, Canada, China etc

With this tool, you need just few steps to get everything done. Your Token and the victims account details.

While other DarkWeb Tools are specifically designed to run using activation codes, Zoalert works with Token and each token purchase is linked with $10M “Ten million Dollars”. and until you exhaust this funds, you won’t stop sending alerts.

Having seen the above am pretty sure you are wondering how much it will cost you to get the Zoalert token. The good news is “its just so affordable and cost only $100”.

For over a year now most of our clients are not being able to finish just one token. How long your token servers depends on how often you send alerts and how much you have sent out. Every transaction will be deducted from the $10M linked with your token and you will be alerted when you run out of balance.

Have it in mind that two devices cannot share the same token at a time and the token doesn’t expire unless your balance get exhausted.

The below video shows the alert proof using Zoalert app as explained on the first video earlier.

Difference between flash funds and Zoalert

Zoalert and flash funds works in similar method but the topup option is different because while Zoalert funds $10M for $100 flash funds gives $10K for $100.

In the area of topup, Zoalert is far better than flash funds but when it comes to efficiency, the credit is given to flash funds because their alerts almost shows immediately unlike Zoalert which takes 10 to 15 minutes in most cases to get alerts.

In conclusion, the both apps have same alert duration of 14days and both of them works perfectly when it comes to local and international transactions. You should go for that which you love most and probably is affordable.

How to do Fake Alert

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