Flash Funds Topup

In the initial versions of Flash funds app, you need activation code to get the app working or to gain complete access but in this latest version, you need to topup your wallet in order to get it working.

I don’t want to go too fast for the sake of the first timers. Let’s give flash funds a quick touch and clarification.

Flash Funds App

Flash Funds is the oldest fake bank alert app and that’s why anytime you search about making fake bank alert, it will always refer you back to the app.

Unlike other hack tools, flash funds is subscription base. You send alerts directly from your wallet topup.

Let me quickly share with you the major things you need to know about flashfunds.

  • It supports local and international transactions.

  • Available for android, PC and iphone users.

  • There are different subscription or topup modes both for local and international wallets.

Flash Funds Topup

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