Consignment box of money billing format

Whenever you hear of consignment billing format for Yahoo, consignment box of money should be the first thing that comes your head unless you are not yet familiar with this update.

This scamming format for client is real and its still working even till now so the next time any stranger comes to you online talking about consignment, you should run.

To all hustlers out there, this format is best when you already have client who’s in love and also trust you.

Consignment is also suitable for sugar mummy or sugar daddy format for client.

If there’s anyway to force money out of your clients wallet, it’s by using this format. But if you are yet to retain a client, you can browse the grant or investment format for Yahoo.

This format is suitable when using man for your work and women are your clients rather than the opposite.

In this article I will be showing you everything you need to know about the consignment box of money and the consignment billing format for client.

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Getting started with Consignment format for Yahoo

Here’s a summary of how this scam format works. You will have to promise your clients you are getting them gifts. You are showing them love with one contact while on another contact you bill them as many times as you want as delivery agent or courier service.

This format is what guys use for clients who are very stingy when it comes to releasing money, clients who only want to take but are not ready to give. This time around you’re creating the impression you don’t need their money as you only care about them and want to show them how much you love them with your gifting.

This means you will have to enquire what type of gift they will love to get from you or anyone else. You will do that in a way they won’t understand your intentions.

Tools needed for Consignment yahoo format

While thinking of getting started with this format, there are certain things you should consider.

  • Logistics Website
  • professional Email
  • Foreign Number

Fake Logistic Website:

The reason you need a fake courier website is to make everything look real. If you tell your client you shopped for them what they should ask is through which courier service will the goods be delivered and what’s the tracking code since it’s international transaction.

With your fake courier service, you can create fake tracking number for their goods so they will be able to see the details of their goods as shipped and also the locating of the goods probably almost getting closer to them and with this they will have full confidence of getting the goods to their doorstep in few days.

Creating a courier website need web design skills. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you or affiliate with hustlers who have website already so you can give them commissions upon your cashout.

Professional Email address:

For your courier company you are definitely going to choose a brand name. With this brand, you can create a professional email address.

In doing this, your clients won’t have any doubt about your services. But always remember you are doing all this in disguise as an agent or a company while the account as a lover remains.

It will be suspicious contacting your client with Gmail and you claim to be a global company. So you need the email address. It’s very important to build trust.

International Number – US:

You need a united state phone number because you will have to claim your courier service is from the United States and you deliver goods worldwide.

Far from just getting the international phone number, you will need someone with good American accent to speak with your clients on phone as customer care agent from the courier company.

This will convince them even more about the legitimacy of your transaction. You don’t need to worry about getting a foreign number. We discuss that in one of our article on how to get foreign number for yahoo you can check that out.

Consignment box of money Billing format

Here are the steps to follow when practicing the consignment box of money billing format for client.

  • Bomb Clients
  • Get Acquainted
  • Know Their Choices
  • Propose a gift
  • Act as Courier
  • Commence your Billing

Sort for Clients Online:

You can get clients from various platforms online such as social medias or online dating websites/apps.

There are many dating apps online. You can sort for them through appstore or Google playstore. You can Register on as many platforms as you can and create catching profiles.

You just have to do anything in your power to get clients because your format is useless no matter how perfect you’re unless you have clients to practice them and get paid.

Make them Fall in Love:

You don’t expect random persons online to accept gifts from you. You need the love format for Yahoo so as to convince your clients and make them love and trust you.

Once they are in love, you can then go ahead with the billing format as discussed. Since they are your lover, they should be expecting gifts so telling them about gifting won’t be a difficult thing.

Figure out their Choices:

You may think that sending them random gift might be a solution but that’s not true as they might not love your gifts.

You will have to ask them by trick what they would want from you as a gift and the moment you know her likes, you can then explore the consignment billing format.

Propose for gifting:

Once they are in love and you know what they want for gift, give them some time and propose to send them gifts. If they accept you can then kick of with the billing.

Use your Fake courier service

Now it’s time to make use of the courier website you created. Once you are done with the list of goods to be delivered you can create a tracking number from your courier website and then send it to your clients to track their goods.

Right on your courier website, should properly describe the goods and also the name of the receiver should be well stated with location. Make all this noticeable to the client when their goods is being tracked.

Delay the Shipment:

This is a strategy you should use when exploring the Consignment box of money Billing format. Once the goods is shipped, you can tell your clients the goods is being held by the company for illegal reasons.

From the beginning, it’s advised to give your clients ideas of adding Golds, Diamonds and other valuables to their collections maybe in form of jewelry.

These are expensive items and are likely to pass reviews by authorities before being shipped to other countries. Also, your clients will not want to let such expensive items pass them by so they will do anything possible to get them to their doorstep.

Once that’s done, you can then send the client email message through the official courier company address. It should be like this:

“Dear Kim,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in your consignment with package number [insert package number] and tracking number [insert tracking number]. The delay is because the package contains a high gram of Gold, which we believe must be investigated by the right authorities to know the reason for such a gift. We appreciate your patience, and it takes about seven months for investigations to be completed.

If you want a priority channel, you can reply to this email, and you will be directed to our investigation team. Meanwhile, please speak to the sender of this item for further clarification.

Kind Regards

Steven Clark

Head Fulfillment Manager ABT World Courier Services

Pressure your clients to pay:

The rest thing now depends on you. When your clients contact you to know the situation of the shipment, just tell them you added Golds and Diamonds to the order and you aren’t aware it will be flagged.

Tell them the total cost of the shipped items is worth over $500,000 if being sold. In hearing this, they will do anything possible to get the goods.

While the billing goes on through the courier service, you should be busy convincing them how those goods worth could change their lives.

You can bill your clients with clearance fee: Tell them to pay some amount of money to clear the goods from the courier office it should be around $500 or more depending on the goods worth.

If they are smart enough to understand how courier works, you can use custom as disguise. Tell them custom held the goods and clearance fee is needed to be paid.

You can also Bill them for Delivery fee which can be around $1,000 depending on the worth of goods

There’s no limit to how much or how many times you can bill your clients using the consignment box of money billing format. You keep bringing excuses to make them pay until they realize it’s all scam.

Conclusion:Consignment box of money PDF

You should know that this format might not work for all clients as most of them are already aware of such scam so anytime you bring up stories about gifting, they will immediately decline.

You can use other billing format such as, grant, birthday, Investment, Hospital and more on such clients.

If you need a fake courier service website, you can contact us. We will help you design a professional looking one at affordable rate. Don’t even think about this format if you don’t have a courier website.

You cannot download this format in pdf. You can save or bookmark this page for future reference.

Consignment box of money billing format

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