How to get a foreign number for yahoo

There’s no yahoo format you will likely venture without seeking how to get a foreign number for yahoo as a beginner.

Think of dating format for example, you will need an international phone number based on the location you’re working with.

Before coming up with this article, we’ve talked about so many Yahoo updates and I’ve gotten so many requests of which the cause of delay according to many is because they don’t have foreign numbers for Hustle.

Instead of explaining things over and over again to individuals through medias, emails and other platforms, I’ve decided to publicize it so many others can also learn how to get a foreign number for yahoo.

Before we continue, there are two major challenges when it comes to getting international phone numbers (virtual).

  • Payment method
  • Selected Platform

We are going to discuss both and also the solution to them. So pay attention.

Payment method

Almost all the platforms through which you can buy international virtual numbers require you to make payments in USD.

Before now, you can easily use your Naira card in making foreign transactions online until Central Bank changed everything.

Ever since the policy has been updated, you will need a dollar card to pay on any international website and this has made it difficult for many people getting international phone numbers not because they can’t afford it but because there’s no proper means to make payments.

Since your Naira card is now useless in this area, the best thing is create a virtual card online. If you’re still wondering what’s a virtual card, let me briefly explain.
Virtual card is a type of card generated online with the function to make payment on international websites.

The card can be a master or visa card and it can be accepted on any foreign website or app without restrictions. You are giving the option to topup this card using your Naira currency which can then be converted to USD with just few clicks.

Instead of going to the bank to open a dollar account and applying for dollar cards, you can easily get virtual card online without stress.

How to get virtual Dollar Cards

There are so many ways through which you can get virtual dollar cards for online transactions but due to the New policy by Central Bank, most of them are currently out of business. We did so much research to come up with this active platforms we are sharing here.

Am sure you have heard of Getbarter before now or maybe you are a subscriber there. It was one of the biggest virtual card maker before this issue knocked them down. Be informed.

To get a working virtual dollar card currently, you can use Chipper Cash or Payday.

  • Chipper Cash have other functions such as sending and reviewing money from abroad and this service is very effective.

    When you create Chipper cash account you will be given a virtual Visa dollar card “the process is easy” and well stated. You can fund their card with naira bank transfer, you can withdraw your topup as well.

    Cards generated through this platform is accepted on any online platform for making payments.

  • Payday is a fast growing platform for creating virtual cards and they are very effective and reliable as I’ve been using them for some time.

    Just like chipper cash, you’re also allowed to fund your wallet using bank transfer through an account which will be generated for you immediately your registration is completed.

    You are allowed to have minimum of $5 in your wallet before creating card and the good news is “There’s no charges apply when creating card unlike other platforms.

    Before you go ahead to create card, you will have to fund Your naira wallet then swap the funds to Dollar wallet. You can now create card through the funds available in your dollar wallet.

The both listed platforms for creating virtual cards are legit and trusted but when it comes to making a choice, I will recommend you use Payday or better still, register on both platforms.

Payday is easy to use and faster compared to chipper Cash.

Select Your Platform

Now that you have your virtual card created, the next thing is getting the right place to buy your phone number.

Apart from the many scam online, most of the platforms online are very expensive imaging getting one number for $30 when it can be purchased on some other platforms for less than $10. That’s just an example please.

There are many affordable apps or websites through which you can get your virtual numbers. Let me show you this two which i regularly make use of.

Am not saying they are the best but they have been my major sources for years. You can always do your personal findings perhaps you can get something even better and cheaper as there are many apps online rendering this same service.

how to get a foreign number for yahoo

Let’s talk about DingTone and VYKE app.

The both platforms makes it easy to purchase international number for yahoo.

With DingTone, you can get phone numbers from various countries such as US, UK, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Australia, Denmark and Romania and they are likely to add more as time goes on.

Each country phone number goes with different cost. You can pay monthly or yearly but since you’re using the number for Hustle, it’s always advisable you base on the monthly payment just incase anything happens to the phone number.

VYKE phone number is quite affordable compared to DingTone. The major thing here is that most of the countries available on DingTone are not on VYKE so it’s a matter of which country phone number you need and which budget you’ve got.

On vyke you can get Poland, USA, UK and Canada phone number and with as low as $3.99 you can get these numbers for one month duration or $5.99 for three months or $15.99 for One year. “As at the time of writing this post because price is subject to change”.

To create a foreign number for yahoo, you just have to get your virtual card ready through chipper cash or payday, register on DingTone or VYKE and order your phone number.

TALKU is an app just like Dingtone. They are of similar design and function but with slight difference in the features. With TalkU, you can purchase foreign numbers from different countries such as Poland, Denmark, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and many more.

The good news is that, as at the time of writing this post, these numbers are affordable but what you should have in mind is “Cost are subject to change” as we’ve seen many of such apps in the past.

Number2Go is another wonderful platform where you can get foreign numbers at affordable rates. Unlike other platforms where you are allowed to pay on monthly subscriptions, with this app you can purchase numbers on weekly basis.

The good news is that there are different countries available including UK and US. You can use these numbers for calls and sms. So if you’re looking forward to getting numbers for online registration here’s a better platform you can make use of.

ZEYI is another platform similar to VYKE, with Zeyi you can get UK,US, Canada and France number be informed also that more numbers can be added to the list so don’t be surprised if our list varies from yours.

Zeyi and VYKE are the most affordable on the list only that they might not contain all the countries you might need. You can check them out right away.

Conclusion: how to get a foreign number for yahoo

Don’t forget you are making payment with the virtual card you’ve created in the first step and don’t hesitate to make research and gather more platforms where one can easily get virtual cards and also purchase international phone numbers online.

Before i exit this article, it will also please you to know that the virtual cards created on any of the listed platforms can be used on Facebook and Google ads.

How to get a foreign number for yahoo

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