Dating format for woman to man

The dating format for woman to man is not that common unlike the opposite which is the widely practiced formula “man to woman”. However in this article, we shall be discussing dating format for woman to man rather than the usual one you already know.

On a regular it’s a common practice for man to approach woman, make them fall I’m love and end up paying for it. But it’s not a usual practice when the opposite becomes the case.

What if tell you it’s also possible to make money posing as a woman online who is looking for relationship. Am sure you are wondering how that could be possible.

The good news about this format is that “You will do less work unlike you being the man” You don’t have to Bomb and start chatting. They will do the chatting while you respond based on their lines of conversation.

I know you will always love them to do the talking. We all do.

Tools needed for dating format for woman to man

Before you get started with this update, here are some things you should consider making available.

Organized Social platform: If you are going to use Instagram which is always recommended, you will need to make sure every detail is carefully filled out.

If you are posing as a writer, lawyer,Doctor, Military personnel, model or whatever, let your profile be a perfect description. Upload as many photos as you can because your clients will definitely do a check on your timeline.

You can browse online for hot profiles. Follow them, and impersonate them by copying posts, pictures and videos for your own personal use. These videos and photos are the materials that will make up your timeline.

Paid Dating apps: There are so many dating apps online. Some are free while others are premium. The reason we always recommend using the premium is because you are likely to get paying clients there unlike through free apps.

If you have been working with free dating apps you will come to understand that majority of people you are going to meet are either scammers or broke.

It’s free so many hustlers will rush in, create account and start bombing just the same way you got there. At the end of the day, you have wasted 7days chatting with scammers before realizing. Paid dating apps are always unique.

VPN: Like we always say, anything you are doing online as a hustler, you need VPN to guarantee your anonymity.

Most of these clients are very dangerous and are ready to go any extent to track you down. The easy way to archive that is through your IP address.

When you use VPN you will be privileged to change your location and now they will get wrong ip on any track attempt.

In our recent article, we discussed some of the vpn services you can consider as a yahoo boy. And don’t also forget there are millions of other vpn you can explore online.

Aside remaining anonymous, vpn will make it possible to access many dating apps that are limited to certain locations.

Dating format for woman to man

After creating profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other dating platforms where you would want to get your clients from, and having uploaded the beautiful and catching woman you would want to make use of on all your profiles.

The next thing you should think of is how to get access to your targets but before then, be sure that your profession during profiling should be a difficult one.

The type of professional that won’t have time for video calls. You can use (military) soldier woman, you can use a doctor or others with busy schedules as that’s going to be your excuse for not doing video calls afterwards.

But in a case where your clients insist on video calls which they will definitely do, you can then use the video calling tool to make Fake video calls with them without their notice.

Tips for Woman to man Update

You don’t need to be everywhere bombing just like men do. Right now you will have to understand you’re a woman and men are supposed to look for you. There’s a way you will appear and it will become suspicious.

  • To target real clients “Continue posting on your timeline regularly and interacting on other people’s articles through their comment sections.

  • keep sending requests or following the type of men you would want as your target but don’t chat with them.

  • if after adding and leaving them for sometimes and you didn’t get any response, you can then start conversations with “HELLO” messages

  • Understand you’re the woman here and you don’t need to be very serious so it won’t look like scam.

    Flow with them naturally till you stick to their head and boom they will definitely start the conversation.

  • It might not be as fast as you want but you just have to follow the process.

To gain more attention/notice from clients, go to notable pages on any social platform where your profile is registered, search for married and relationship related issues then drop positive comments.

Before you know it, they will be in your inbox trying to interact because you just acted the good girl which is every man’s desire.

Think like a woman

When they eventually starts the conversation, don’t go too fast, don’t communicate love or anything related just act dumb while they ask you all the necessary questions.

In this case, there’s nothing difficult. You just have to think like a woman. If you can play the woman role perfectly then the format will flow as good as you desire.

You should present yourself decent, responsible and hard working. In most cases you can stop them in middle of conversation that you want to attend to your clients, your boss or whatever you think will make you relevant in sight of the man you’re chatting with.

Billing format for woman to man

The billing is easy because you being the woman in disguise, you should know how your girlfriend ask you for money during relationship.

You can use the Hospital billing format, phone billing format,consignment box billing or even rent and apartment billing
There are so many things you need to know about this update like photos and videos you should use, documents to be presented to convince your clients in the areas of your profession then questions and answers you should expect.

For the complete format in pdf, you can contact us and it’s not free. Don’t come with the intention to Beg. Thanks for reading. We hope to see you in our next update.

Dating format for woman to man

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