VideoCorlar Activation Code

We are here again with the solution to one of the biggest challenges of all time.“VideoCorlar Activation code”.

If this is your first time here, you must be wondering what type of other apps we have. We have shared so many of them ranging from Bitcoin tool, Carding and BVN tool, SSN tool and many more.

As you continue, you can watch the video guide on how to connect fake WhatsApp Video call through VideoCorlar.

Here on DarkWeb, our tools are designed to provide solution and values on specific features.

So far we have shared so many tools ranging from BVN Hacking, fake alerts, SSN hacks, Carding, Bitcoin Hacking, sim Cloning and many more.

Has it ever happened to you? I mean loosing your clients because of just video calls as many customers will always want.

The major reason why clients always ask for video calls is to proof you are indeed who you’ve impersonated. If you want to keep them paying then you should proof to them otherwise you loose them. This has happened to us at some points.

The first onnet tool which provides solutions for fake WhatsApp video calling is VideoCorlar. Am sure that’s why you’ve landed on this page.

About VideoCorlar App

With VideoCorlar, You can easily make video calls to your clients through whatsapp messenger under fake identity.

All you need is just a video source and audio recording if needed,otherwise you can leave the default audio.

Using VideoCorlar is just as simple as this. First of all, you will need to access the app and setup your profile by uploading a video and audio your clients will see during video calling.

Whenever you can them through the VideoCorlar app and they respond, the video and audio which you have uploaded is what they will see instead of your real face.

VideoCorlar Activation code or License Key

VideoCorlar License Key Cost $95 annually.

Unlike other Hacking tools, VideoCorlar Activation code or license key is based on yearly payment.

However, it’s very affordable as our tools has always been. Once you have this license key, you will be able to use the app for 365days counting from the first day your code was used.

Also be informed that app cannot be used by two persons at the same time. The moment your code is used once, it cannot be used again for life. After one year, you will have to pay again to renew your subscription.

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VideoCorlar Activation Code

86 thoughts on “VideoCorlar Activation Code

  1. I used this app and after done, I must confess it’s just too good.

  2. This app is supposed to be sold $3K or even more. Your cost will definitely make some people doubt you.

    Anyway thanks for making it affordable

    1. Even the current price is difficult for many to afford. thanks for the feedback

      1. I just see this now on my research yeah it’s difficult for new born babie expecially me for the past 4years no cent

  3. Am in Brazil. Can this program work for me please i need it badly

    1. VideoCorlar can be used anywhere as it has not limitation.

  4. You may not understand bro. You just made my Hustle fast and easy

  5. I’ve been in Ghana for some years now without a good cashout. Using this tool leads a bigger breakthrough

    Smiles everywhere

  6. If i can get Facebook video calling app too. Most of my clients are on Facebook and not whatsapp

    1. I can teach you how too do Facebook video calls

  7. I sincerely appreciate this tool. It has been of help to my job here but am wondering if there’s any tool for Skype.

  8. Brother. You have done it again by launching this tool

    Its all have been searching for even for years now.

  9. This tool is just perfect. No more questions from my stubborn clients.

  10. Can you imagine am the first calling my clients on video call. If I tell you guys how many multi million works I’ve loss because of this shit you won’t believe but am grateful to DarkWeb

    1. We understand the pain and we are Glad you found solution

  11. I just paid and it’s confirmed.

  12. Immaculate says:

    How long can this tool keep working because video calling has really dealt with me and i wouldn’t want this tool to stop at all.

    1. Not certain but tool is guaranteed for now and we are working to keep it running

  13. I can’t express how happy i am. But am just so happy.

  14. My next month salary is coming here. I will be back shortly for order. I appreciate your good work here

  15. Jonathan efiong says:

    Download, paid and tested. It’s working guys

  16. Please i don’t have the stated amount at this time, is there no way you can reduce the cost please.

    1. Sorry the cost is not negotiable. It’s worth saving for

  17. Please can’t I download the app on my iPhone? Or even my computer because currently I don’t have android

    1. For the iPhone or computer version you need to contact us privately

  18. I wish this app will last forever. Makes everything just easier for me and my boys here

    1. We are working tirelessly to always keep the app updated

  19. Sure Dollar says:

    Please bro. It’s been an hour i made payment. I’ve not seen your response

    1. Sure you number ended with 243* we already sent your code please get back to us on whatsapp

  20. Thanks a million for bringing in this update we’ve been longing for

  21. Dura dara says:

    Can two people use the app with one payment?

  22. I acknowledge your effort here. You have been of help to our generation

  23. This app has been tested and confirmed working. It’s recommended

  24. Made so much money using this app for just few weeks.

  25. Ifeoma GOOD says:

    Trying to launch my app after downloading but it’s showing failed to install please i need help

    1. Send us the error message on what’saap with a screenshot

  26. Let’s be sincere. This app is worth more than this cost because it’s just so effective.

    1. Even at that, many people still complain that’s why we always make our tools affordable for all

  27. Just placed my order and it’s perfect

  28. Please sir. App is not opening on my android phone

  29. Chai. Boss you too much i must confess this app is the best thing i have seen. It’s so fast and effective

    It’s even worth more than the amount u sell it boss. Thanks again

  30. Feeling Grateful from $Lagos

  31. Christian says:

    Hello sir. I must appreciate your effort on this site. And am also here to say thanks for your quick delivery after my purchase (You legit)

  32. bro i need your urgent assistant and whats your whats app number?

    1. Click on the contact page to get our what’sapp number

  33. Boss Please i need your Help. It’s been two weeks I have been using this app

    But now it’s showing Crash error message each time am trying to launch the app. What could be wrong pls?

    1. Be sure you download the right app. You can also contact us with the error screenshot for rectification

  34. Really grateful. Have been following your blog for sometimes now and your Tool both free and paid has helped my hustle

    Oluwa continue to lift you higher

  35. Already purchased the software but want to ask! PLEASE can I sell to as many people as I want without restriction? Or do I also need to purchase resell right?

    1. To sell any of our tool here, You need resell right. You can contact us on whatsapp for negotiation

  36. Youngboss says:

    Using app already and it’s highly recommended. I appreciate boss

  37. Pls Boss, Can you just make the bexchange
    Affordable to buy. Pls

    1. Bexchange cost 80$.that’s cheap enough so long you understand what you are paying for.

  38. How can I pay the money in naira I don’t have anything relating to dollar

  39. Pls I need the new version of sportybetadder app

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