Bexchange App Quote Code

Bexchange quota code is same as the bexchange activation code. Don’t get confused as you continue with this post.

I don’t need to remind you how easy it’s getting BNB on Trustwallet. but withdrawing or selling your BNB on trustwallet becomes another big challenge over the years.

From the Tutorial video above, I made a transfer of $1200 to my WEMA BANK account. After about an hour it was credited at the rate of 320/$. Below is the screenshot.

Now let’s continue….

DarkWeb has designed Bexchange to serve and solve the problem of withdrawing BNB funds from Trust wallet directly to Naira Bank Account or Bitcoin Wallet.

If you are new here, Am sure you may want to know more about this so called bexchange and how it works. Absolutely, that’s what you are going to learn.

About Bexchange App

Bexchange is an android, PC or iPhone app which makes it easy to remove BNB funds from Trust wallet. I mean with just few steps.

With bexchange, You can transfer as high as $13K per day and you can use App continuously as the subscription term stated 365days.

You don’t need to be high techie before you can use this app. The step are just easy even for newbies.

One good thing about this app is that the money goes directly to your Naira account at a good Conversion rate. But always have in mind that the usual deposit rate of BNB is lower than the regular dollar to naira rates.

Usually, BNB rate goes from NGN300 – 410/$. That’s the rate you get when you withdraw using bexchange App.

The app/software is programed to force funds out of your wallet using just the BNB address and your monthly quote code which is the force power. (developers term).

Bexchange Monthly Quota code

Bexchange activation code or monthly Quota code cost $80.

The bexchange activation code is also called Quote code in most cases.

Unlike other hack tools where you pay one time fees or on yearly basis, bexchange is based on monthly subscription.

Once paid, you will be giving your monthly quote code or activation code. This code is what you will use to power your transfer everytime you want to make withdrawal and it only lasts for 30days after which you will be prompted to renew your subscription.

You are the only one allowed to use your code as it cannot be shared or allowed to be used on other devices.

You can buy your bexchange monthly quote code using the button below.

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Bexchange App Quote Code

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  1. Pls is this Bexchange app legit and easy use because i don’t really get it well pls can explain better to me pls sir
    Thank you

    1. There’s a demo video on this post which explains what you need to know .but if you need more explanation kindly contact us on whatsapp

  2. Can I Do All The Hacking Stuff And Leave The Balance In The Bexchange Account Pending The Time I Would Get Money For The Quota Code?

  3. Hi bro I have two questions to ask is it a must I have some bnb coin in my trust wallet before I can use this bexchange app
    And secondly are u using different Whatsapp numbers

  4. Please someone should help me with the Bexchange application, send it to my what’s app number please

  5. I’ve been using this app for some time now but it suddenly stopped working this morning please what could be the cause

      1. I haven’t paid. But I will definitely do that soon thanks for this update saving for it already

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