YouTube scam formats

The YouTube scam can come in different ways just like the dating and others such as fbi yahoo format which we discussed initially.

If you’ve been using YouTube believing it’s a safe place am sorry you may not believe there’s alot of scam until you also become a victim.

The theme of today is not everything you should be expecting to see on YouTube as different scammers have their methods. However, in this post we shall be discussing some various means through which YouTube can be helpful to hustlers and how to identify fake online schemes.

YouTube scam formats for hustlers!

Like I’ve stated earlier, there are so many YouTube yahoo formats but below are some considerable ones for beginners and expert hustlers.

  • Pyramid scheme format
  • Giveaway scam format
  • YouTube investment scam
  • Customer service

The pyramid Scam format: This format is like MMM the popular one you know few years back and many others such as crowdrising etc. This programs stands to promise clients or victims some good sum in return of their investment. But at the end it’s all scam.

The plan start by making a platform (website) specially designed to fit their mode of operation. You must not be a developer to get this done. You can hire some developers at affordable cost. We are always available.

Once the website is ready, hustler go ahead creating various YouTube videos showing exactly how their platform works and tricking their victims to register.

In most cases, the first badge to register will eventually get paid little from their commission as promised making them eager to refer more people with huge referral commission. But take note, the whole thing is going to start from the YouTube video published earlier and that’s why we say it’s YouTube scam.

Some scammers even go deeper paying more people from different countries to testify about their platform credibility. These fake testimonies will be published on YouTube and the official website precisely. And boom when it’s due time they come up with perfect plans then shutdown the platform and vanish into thin air.

This has happened over and over again but trust me people won’t stop being victim no matter how often this has transpired.

The Giveaway YouTube scam: this is straight forward and very precise. Just create a landing page (website) where the whole reason for the giveaway will be carefully explained. After that, make a YouTube video promising your victims some good amount, gadgets such as iPhone,tables etc as giveaway.

They will have to visit your Landing page through your YouTube video after which they will be asked to submit their details which will include some person details such as bank informations. Trust me many do fall for this scam even though it might look obvious.

All the submitted details goes to your database where you can explore them for whatever purpose.

YouTube customer service scam: This one is actually targeting only YouTube users with desirable amount of followers. All you need to do is start buy contacting these YouTube account owners manually. You keep doing that until they eventually get to respond.

You are going to message them that in few hrs their YouTube channel will be unpublished as a result of policy violation and a particular video. You can be more specific by identifying some videos.

The gullible ones will respond with the hope you will help them fix the violation. You can then ask for their personal details in respect of fixing the issues and boom that will be the end of the story.

Having hijacked their accounts, you can start buy publishing videos with fake links to get your victims directly from the page and since the followers already trusted the page, clicking your link, investing or submitting their details won’t be a difficult task.

These YouTube details can also be used to purchase online since their payment details are likely to be connected with Googlepay.

YouTube Investment format:
This one is regular on YouTube comment sections. Be sure to have your platform either a website or contact details to convince your clients and after that, open a YouTube account and start commenting on financial related posts about someone who can help the viewers to make good amount of money while you end up referring them back to your platform or coantct as the said company.

You must have seen this many times. Hutlers end up getting paying clients through YouTube comment sections. You will have to make sure your comments are always at the top. In this case you will target new videos with few comments so your comment can be more visible.

How to identify fake schemes

You can easily identify fake investment schemes or platforms through various methods such as stated below.

  • They promise high returns: They usually promise high investment returns which is unusual for regular or legitimate companies. This is to lure their victims in greed and make them invest.

    When next you see a platform promising you a very high return for any amount invested, it’s advisable you look closely to see exactly who they are.

  • They are always anonymous: They don’t usually own office, they can never agree to meet up no matter how much you tend or promise to invest. Any legit business or platform should own an office which build trust within their customers but in this case, everything is done online.

    Their business is never registered with any organization such as C.A.C or any financial institutions since they deal on public funds. Even when they claim to be registered with fake cac numbers on their website, you can easily verify online through these platforms to see if their C. A. C is actually what they claimed.

  • Anonymous payment method: They make sure they sort for anonymous payment methods for their victims such as bitcoin and other crypto currencies. It’s all in the plans to cover their tracks when they eventually disappear.

    They start by claiming they are foreign investment company targeting Nigeria audience. This is to make you pay in their desirable payment method without thinking otherwise.

  • Always check online reviews: You can easily Google their reviews online to see what others are saying about them before investing your money.

    If investors reviews are not in line with their claims them you can dust your feet. (run away).

    YouTube scam formats

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