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If you have been thinking of how or where to buy jumia log , I must comment you’re on the right track.

The jumia log update is still working and it’s one of the best and easy ways to earn money online without needing any software or application just like others.

So far, we have discussed so many ways to make money online in this blog both legally and illegally where we discuss yahoo formats in different forms for beginners and genius.

Many of you reading this article may have been scammed probably because you went the wrong ways trying to buy jumia logs online. We are sorry this update wasn’t release on time but there was a reason for that.

For those following us on whatsapp and Instagram you will understand we’ve been trading on this for the past one year even when it’s yet to be posted officially.

Let’s quickly get started.

I’ve gotten reports from many followers about the jumia log app. But let me tell you there’s absolutely nothing like “Jumia login app or tool” it’s strictly jumia logins.

You can get them when you pay for them and you can use the login details to access jumia website. It’s not an app. Don’t get scammed.

What is jumia Log?

If this is your first time hearing about this, you many want to know exactly what we are talking about in a better understanding.

Jumia is one of the biggest online shops in Nigeria and other African countries where you can shop different categories of items including gadgets.

Jumia made it easy for shoppers to open account with them and topup their wallets through which they can shop from the official jumia website whose Nigeria url is

Your Jumia login simply means the users details through which your wallet can be accessed such as the password,username and email address.

If you’re still wondering how possible it’s getting other people’s private information for sale, I will explain better.

As a hacker your target is to get these login details. You don’t need to meet the owners in persons. There are so many ways through which hackers get jumia logs for sale but the most popular methods are:

  • Through phishing: This is an act of creating a website which will look exactly like the official jumia website but with different urls usually hard to notice unless with a careful observation.

    This is applicable to any platform and that’s why it’s always recommended you don’t visit urls shared especially on whatsapp or other social platforms without a proper validation.

    After making the website to look exactly like and having uploaded so many products which is enough to convince your visitors, you can then start promoting the link.

    One techniques by hackers is that they always make the cost of products on the website cheaper than usual in the name of we are running promo.

    You might end up falling for this scam thinking jumia is the one running the promo and since you already trusted jumia you won’t find it difficult trusting the cloned website either.

    The aim is not to sell products but to collect your jumia login details the moment you enter them in the cloned website. Your login details will be forwarded to the hackers database where they can access your wallet without your notice and do whatever they want.

    Do you need a phishing website for any platform ? You can hire a developer for the job. If you need our services, we can help you create duplicate for any website of your choice “Jumia,konga, Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram etc. Contact us for more information.

  • Email Hacking: With this method you will have to target email address of people registered on jumia website. After hacking into their email address ,you can the reset their jumia login password using the hacked email.

    This one is more difficult compared to the first method. You will need email scrapping skills as well so you can scrap email addresses of people registered on jumia website without trying at random.

Can one get Jumia Logs for free

It’s funny whenever i see people ask me this question so i had to bring it here to clear your doubts.

Jumia Logs is people’s privacy and getting them is not easy. You need time and lots of work with Hacking skills which I’ve mentioned earlier to make it up.

Trying to get jumia log for free is same as going to a car stand and telling the car dealers you need a free car. It’s impossible “that’s what i mean with the above illustration”.

You cannot get jumia log for free anywhere online. No hacker will invest his or her time to scrap logins and give them for free. So stop searching for these keywords because you will never fine one.

Where to buy jumia logs.

There’s not better place to buy jumia log than through our platform Darkweb. Our logs are legit and our refund policy gat you covered.

The amount you want to buy will determine the cost. When you buy logs,you will be given the phone number ,email address and phone number.

In addition, you will get the usage guidelines along.

buy jumia log

Jumia log

If you want to buy buy jumia log, you can contact us on whatsapp to get our current price list and payment details.

How to use Jumia Log

Here are the steps to use the jumia logins.

  • You need to get the logins from us or any legit vendor online. Be sure there’s enough money in the acquired jumia login balance.

  • Login to the jumia official website using these details. You don’t need any vpn network to get it done.

  • You can now add all the products you want to buy to your Cart

  • Change the account shipping address to any location you want to use as your pickup address. Don’t use your real location to avoid tracking.

  • After that you will have to make payment through the jumia balance option so the funds will be deducted directly from wallet.

  • Anytime your phone number is required, don’t use your personal sim can get a new sim for this purpose

  • The goods will be delivered to you based on the location you’ve selected. You can sell them or keep for personal use.
Buy jumia log online -Nigeria

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