How to bill a client for the first time

Your aim as a hustler is not in consistently conversating with your clients but to make money from them and that’s the reason you must master how to bill a client for the first time as it includes so many techniques and proceedings especially to beginners out there.

Once you learn and master these tactics, you can collect money endlessly from your clients without hassle.

As a hustler looking for a paying client, one mistake you should avoid is having too many discussions with them. The more discussion you have the more chances of loosing that client.

Clients are very smart and intelligent. When you engage in too many discussions, you forget some but the clients still have everything in mind. They will start reminding you of your many lies when you ask them for money. This is why you must be precise about all your conversations.

In this article, i will be showing you the necessary steps on how to bill a client for the first time. In addition ,I will be talking about few reasons which interpretes a client is not willing to pay no matter what. So pay attention.

How to bill a client for the first time

It’s easier to get or chat a client than the billing aspect. If the first billing is not done right you may end up losing them. Here are few things to consider in every first billing for more accuracy.

Check their ability: In many cases, you just mention any amount for your clients and get them to pay. This might not occur always because different clients with different abilities and that’s why you must check and qualify them before mentioning the figure in every first billing.

Do they love spending ,are they as rich as you thought ,are they risk takers? Here are few things you should know about them before you continue with your billing.

If you happen to randomly bill your clients and it works out, then you should be grateful for that. however, it’s always advisable you check their ability.

Clients need advice: Most at times clients can just trust you over something that’s not even usual. They don’t need to do any transaction before trusting you. They can trust you from your conversations.

This is another reason you will have to know everything about your clients. When that happens, you can offer reasonable advice based on certain things they have talked to you about in your previous discussions.

E.g if they tell you about their next business ideas, you can make some research and give them good reasons they shouldn’t embark on that particular business. That’s just an example. Your advice can be from any angle.

Build Trust: apart from giving your clients advice to make them trust you, you can create a scene with some fake stories E.g how you helped someone and they trusted you so much even with their own bank accounts, company or resources for years and you never failed them.

This is just to make them trust you even more since no one is ready to send money without trust. I don’t need to remind you that one of the biggest challenge hustlers do get in the first billing for Yahoo is trust issues.

With these few guidelines you can tackle it.

Choose a billing format: having observed all of the following steps, the next thing is to choose which billing format you would want to use on your clients. There are so many billing formats online and we have discussed some in our previous article such as:

When it comes to billing your clients for the first time,we always recommend using the birthday or giftcard billing format. Tell them your birthday is upcoming and you would be expecting something from them.

If they comply don’t worry about getting gift. The aim here is to get cash in return so you will have to ask them for something which you can get in your location.

When they ask what you would want for your birthday. The idea is for them to give you cash in expense of getting the gift yourself instead of them passing through the stress of getting the gift to your location.

If eventually your clients ask for the kind of gift you want, you can tell them you want to buy gadget like mobile phone or PC since the one you are using currently is bad.

As a music lover, you need a musical instrument like piano, you can tell your clients you need a digital camera for making your YouTube videos Etc.

Have plan B: Clients might not yield to your billing at first. If that happens, you will have to diverse a different billing method. In most cases ,they may fall for others even if they didn’t at first.

You will have to make the second billing format more unique and something even more personal like the hospital billing we discussed earlier.

Conclusion: The post is getting too lengthy right ? Let’s end it here while we make another post on the subheading we stated earlier.

This article just gave you some clues on how to bill a client for the first time. I hope this helped. It’s recommended you get many clients just incase some of them fails, you can explore others and still keep the hustle going.

How to bill a client for the first time

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