Weekly billing format for client

Imagine using the Monthly or weekly billing format on two or more of your paying clients for sure you will never run dry for a very long period of time.

There are many billing formats online and they all function based what format you used when chatting with your clients.

You can’t chat your clients with celebrity and be using food billing format instead you’re expected to use flight or show tickets billing format.

You can’t chat your clients with military and be using internet billing format. A soldier at war front have nothing to do with the internet unless on rare occasions which will definitely keep your clients confused.

Am sure you now understand the way you chat your clients will determine through what means you will ask them for money. “that’s for the smart hustlers”.

We are not going to talk about everything you need to know. I can’t guarantee that but with what we are going to discuss here today you will have some clues on how to bill your clients weekly.

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Weekly Billing format for Client

There are different reasons why people choose this type of billing over others. The monthly or weekly billing format for Yahoo is good for clients whose jobs are being paid for per week.

Let’s assume you have a client and he or she get paid on weekly basis, you can use this billing format on them since you already know when funds will be available with them.

Another reason why people use this format is because most clients find it difficult to release huge amount at once so when you bill them large and they couldn’t make it up you can cut it down by convincing them to be paying every week until the total payment is complete.

Also, some scammers use this formula because they want to keep the income flowing. They are very sure if the money comes in one place they will have nothing left within the next period. So they will rather take it bit by bit till it’s done.

The question now is “Which format can you use on your clients to bill them per week or monthly basis?

Yahoo formats for weekly billing

There’s no doubt there are many ways to bill your clients and make them pay on weekly basis but this post is only talking about hospital and loan billing format.

With these two formats, you can make your clients send you money consistently depending on how you want it.

But before we get started with further explanation, you should always know that your billing will only work depending on the relationship you’ve built with your clients.

That means you will have to focus on the regular process of bombing and nurturing your clients before exploring any of the billing formats.

You will first of all find your clients on social networks as usual “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Build a relationship with them either as a lover and friends because that’s the only way through which you can make them pay in such way.

After gaining their heart in full and when it’s time for billing, you can then get started either with the loan or hospital billing update.

Hospital Weekly billing format for Yahoo

If you already have plans of using this format, from the first stage of chat you can start by telling your client you are about to take your pension but it’s still being processed and that once it’s paid, you will visit them and start a new life with them with all the money.

Promise them you will buy a new car, buy beautiful house and even start a very big business for both of you. Promise anything enticing and very big.

You are saying all this upfront so that they won’t ask you where you kept your money when you later tell them you’re sick. You already told them you’ve worked and your pension is about to be paid and also your saving has been used for hospital bills.

The hospital billing is a complete format on its own but we are not going to discuss it here in full.

In regards to what we’re talking about in this article, you will have to tell your clients you are sick and have been hospitalized.

You can share photos of you in the hospital. Let them know the situation is critical and that you’re surviving on oxygen.

The hospital bill for oxygen should be stated. To make it real, you can design a fake receipt showing previously paid amounts.

Tell your client how much bill your sickness incurred and that the hospital has approved weekly payment.

With this, if your client really love and trust in you they will end up catering for the bills as you keep giving them updates that you are getting stronger every day.

Your message should be like:

hello love I’ve been battling with this illness and i never wanted to talk about it not until now.

I’ve spend almost all my savings in paying hospital bills and the doctor assured me that after an operation everything will be fine.

I’ve been placed on oxygen for weeks and am really exhausted. All my attempts to get money has failed while my pension is still being processed. Please i need your help.

I know you can do this for us. My weekly bill is counting and I don’t want to remain here otherwise it will keep accumulating.

The above message can be edited. You can name the actual diseases by searching online for any deadly diseases.

So long he/she’s in love, they will always respond positively.

Loan Weekly Billing format for Yahoo

The regular loan yahoo format is by telling your clients to take loan ahead of promising funds but in this case, you will be the one to pretend of taking the loan while you convince them to help in repayment of the loan.

Before you do this, they will have to trust you and that’s why the love and trust format is very useful.

Beyond the trust, you will have to promise them so many things they could never archive on their own. E. G marriage, business, houses, Cars, travels, luxury life etc.

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Weekly billing format for client

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