How to open a foreign bank account from Nigeria

If you’ve been searching for how to open a foreign bank account from Nigeria then this post will definitely be of help. If you’ve been following our website, you must have seen our article on how to get virtual Dollar cards for online transactions.

In that article, we only discuss how to get foreign cards for online payment on stores such as Facebook, Instagram and other platforms for advertising or payments for items purchased.

Today’s post is totally different as its only talking about creating foreign virtual bank accounts for receiving payments rather than virtual cards for making payments.

If you are reading this post from other Africa countries like Kenya, Uganda, Ghana etc please comment your country name let’s see how we can go about that.

As a street guy or hustler who makes money in foreign currency, you should agree with me that the major challenge is not in making the money but getting paid.

I’ve seen stories of people who lost huge amounts of money all because they went through the wrong sources which eventually ended up bloody.

What if i tell you there’s a way on how to open a foreign bank account from Nigeria without passing through the whole stress of traveling abroad and doing it the right way?.

Before we continue, let me briefly elaborate some of the reasons you might need foreign account and what you need to know about this accounts.

Creating a foreign Bank account from Nigeria

My dear, if you are in Nigeria it’s not so easy to create a foreign account don’t let anyone deceive you and end up reaping you of your hard earned money.

The only option you have in getting foreign account is through virtual terminals. With these virtual platforms, you can create foreign accounts which you can use in sending and receiving money from overseas.

We all need foreign accounts at one point unless you are not a real hustler.

Without wasting of time, let me quickly show you guidelines on how to get started.

How to open a foreign bank account from Nigeria

There are different platforms through which you can create virtual foreign accounts in Nigeria but am talking about the two I’ve confirmed working as i wouldn’t want to share any information with you guys based on rumors.

Geegpay.Africa This is a platform through which you can create virtual cards for international transactions. In addition, you can also create foreign bank accounts through this platform.

With Geegpay which is available on app and on web, you can create three different accounts (USD, BRITISH POUNDS, EURO). The good news is that they only charge around 0.9% fee for receiving funds overseas.

After getting paid to your virtual wallet, you can then withdraw to your Nigeria bank without hassle. All you need to do is visit Geegpay Website and register with your Nigeria details. Use your correct details because of verification purpose.

You can also Register through app. The geegpay App is available for download on playstore.

The registration is easy and straight forward. You will need your BVN and account details for verification. It’s usual to every financial app out there.

ChipperCash.Com This one is quite different because you are not allowed to create virtual accounts instead you can only send requests to people in the United States and they can make payment to your Chipper Wallet directly through the debt requests.

This means your clients over there will also need to open a chipper cash account through which the funds will be sent.

Beside using chipper Cash for international transactions, you can also create virtual cards for online transactions, also, they have the investment circle and also helps users to earn good referral commissions.

With chipper Cash you can start receiving money from the United States. This money can then be sent to your Naira account.

Like I’ve said earlier, there are likely many more platforms out there which helps in creating virtual accounts. You can communicate them in the comment section below.

This post will be updated upon confirmation of more platforms. Thanks for reading.

Notice If you have the sole aim of using these accounts for Hustle then you should use the package method in moving your Funds otherwise you might get caught if the money transferred is big enough for a trace.

What about creating Real Foreign accounts?

If you need a real account, we offer foreign accounts creating service. We can help you create USD, POUNDS OR EURO Accounts at affordable rates.

You can manage these accounts irrespective of your location and the good news is that we are using any name of your choice in account setup.

In addition, you are allowed to pay half and complete payment when account is accessed and verified. If you want to know the cost, duration and other terms, you can contact us on whatsapp.

How to open a foreign bank account from Nigeria

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