How to get virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

You don’t have to explain how difficult it’s getting dollar cards or making online payments on international websites in Nigeria because we already know from every day complains.

Before now, PayPal payment processor has been a welcoming and a better alternative through which almost all international platforms accept payment not until their security became worse.

This issue did not only get worse for foreigners but also for Nigerians. Currently getting a working PayPal account in Nigeria has become an ache and also many foreigners has stopped using PayPal in receiving payments on their platforms as a result of too many restrictions.

Since merchants have no option than using credit or debit card payments payment processors, so many people in Nigeria are now finding it difficult making orders. Am sure you are wondering why let’s talk about that.

Foreign Merchants and Nigerians

Few years ago, foreign Marchants make better sales in Nigeria compared to now.

In recent time, you can easily use your Naira Master or visa card for online payments on any international store not until CBN placed a lien or limitation on all naira cards.

This makes it very difficult for Nigerians who want to do online shopping from international stores. Now that PayPal is not an option in Nigeria and the only hope which is card payment has been tempered with, it led to the withdrawal of many foreign investors.

While many investors are thinking alternatives to retain their business, Nigerians are busy seeking alternatives to make payment without using naira cards so that brings us to the topic today on how to get virtual dollar card in Nigeria for Online Payments.

Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

I can now boldly say, there’s no other better and easier means to make payment on foreign store here in Nigeria unless with the help of virtual cards.

Think about the stress of creating and funding dollars accounts directly from the bank. Because that’s the only means to get USD account if you don’t want to use virtual cards.

Now the use of virtual dollars cards has become more rampant unlike before where you can easily make payment with your naira cards.

And for those who are new and don’t know what’s virtual dollar cards here’s how it works.

They are like your ATM cards but are virtual which means you can only get the card details and not hard-Copy and with your card number, cvv and expiry date, you can make payments online.

The virtual dollar card can be master or visa card but their default currency is usually USD.

  • You can topup the card using Naira payment. This means you don’t have to go to any bank in order to fund your dollar card.

  • Cards can be created immediately and you also get your Cvv, card number and expiration date.

  • All the required documents or registration on virtual dollar cards providers website and apps requires your local details so verification is simple.

Is virtual dollar Card recommended?

Even before this naira card limitation, we still prefer the use of virtual cards in most store especially online stores that are not trusted for your own security.

Beside that, virtual cards can be activated or deactivated with just few clicks. When you add your real cards to some stores you might end up terminating the card after getting too many unnecessary debits.

When you use virtual cards you can even delete the card and create a new one with just few clicks. In so doing, you don’t need to worry how or where these cards should be added as it have nothing to do with the money in your real account.

For your safety, it’s usually recommended using virtual cards over real cards unless on stores you already know well about.

How to Get virtual Dollar card in Nigeria

There are different platforms through which you can get virtual dollar cards for online use and that’s what we are going to discuss here.

  • Wallet Africa
  • Chipper cash
  • EverSend
  • PayDay
  • Bitnob

Wallet Africa: They offer Digital banking. When you Register and verify your account, you will have your Wema or Fidelity bank account details through which you can send and receive money directly from the wallet Africa app.

Apart from sending and receiving money, you can buy airtime and also pay bills then you can create virtual cards for online use. Their rate is affordable.

Chipper Cash: This is a popular platform currently and it have multiple functions. There’s stock investment for everyone who cares to invest and gain returns. You can also buy airtime, paybills, buy data Bundles.

The most interesting part of chipper Cash is that you can receive money from UK and US without hassle. Last of all, you can create virtual cards for online use.

EverSend: Apart from being able to create virtual cards with just few steps, you are also given Globus Bank account upon your verification through which you can use in receiving payments in Nigeria.

You can also pay electricity Bills, buy airtime and accept donations using eversend. The registration is easy and verifications is as usual (Just like every other platforms listed earlier.)

Bitnob: This app have multi features compared to others on the list. With Bitnob, you can pay utility bills and also it can be used for savings. I have a addition to that, you can also buy data bundle for the three major networks in Nigeria.

Not just that, you can also trade bitcoin “buy and sell through the Bitnob app. You are also allowed to trade GiftCards. And then you can create virtual cards for online use.

PayDay: This is another great Platform specifically designed for creating virtual dollar cards. Payday is available for download both for android and iPhone users just like every other apps on the list.

When it comes to topping up your virtual dollar cards, you don’t need to worry as you can easily do that through bank transfer to your wallet account and then topup your dollar card directly from any of these platforms.

I hope this article gives a clearer understanding to your quest on how to get virtual dollar card in Nigeria. See you in our next update.

How to get virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

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