Investment or Bitcoin format for Yahoo pdf

Bitcoin format for Yahoo is one of the oldest update that still remains just like the dating and relationship format. The cashout is sure unless you don’t know what you are doing.

If you roam online on a daily looking for ways to make money online then you may have come across different schemes especially relating to bitcoin and investment.

Recently i wrote an article about Elon musk celebrity format. We discussed everything you need to know and how to get started but in today’s article we shall be talking about bitcoin or investment format for Yahoo.

Bitcoin scam is nothing new. If you search for bitcoin scams online you will see countless of complains by victims who has been screwed by some yahoo boys out there.

Getting started with bitcoin format for Yahoo

Before you get started with this format, here are few things you will be needing for a proper job done.

bitcoin yahoo format

  • Foreign Number: You can buy virtual numbers from any online platforms such as VYKE ,number2go etc. This number is very important because many of your clients are going to be foreigners so you need a USA or UK phone number.

  • Create Bitcoin wallet: You need a wallet through which payments will be received. You can create a bitcoin wallet under blockchain ,Coinbase ,luno and many others. This is the address you will use in collecting payments from your clients.

  • VPN Service:It’s necessary you remain anonymous while doing such deals because anything can happen. Though when it comes to bitcoin, tracking can be very difficult but there are people who are will do anything to track you down after getting screwed. That’s why you need to remain anonymous completely.

    There are many vpn services online. You can download from appstore or Google playstore for android users. There are many free VPN services you can download.

  • Social/dating account: This is where you will be bombing your clients. You can create Facebook ,Instagram or Twitter account for this purpose. You can also get clients through dating websites. Though most of the sites are premium but there are many free ones.

  • Earning proofs: There was a time i set up something Similar what I did will shock you. I paid some while men from over 6 different countries just to come on video and review my platform. Though it wasn’t cheap but it’s worth it.

    Aside that, you can pay some graphics designers to help in making receipts based on different platforms of your choice.

Investment or Bitcoin format for Yahoo pdf

This format can come in different ways which we have listed below:

investment yahoo format

Trading format: This is the commonly used method where the scammer have to create investment website and lure victims to deposit their bitcoins or other cryptocurrency with the hope of getting some commissions in return.

They can promise you some good amount of return on such scam websites and make the victim to believe they are using their funds to trade on their behalf. And that whatever return they are going to get is what you made from trading with their funds.

In many occasions, victims get paid their returns as promised but that’s only to build trust and create relationship between them so they can easily invest more which they will definitely do.

When they invest more they will also refer their friends and relatives to join the platform hopping it’s promising but sad enough they will wake up one day to see everything gone.

The most difficult thing here is creating the investment website. You need a developer skill to get this done. Better still, you can contact us to get any type of website at affordable rate.

Another way you can make money as a fake bitcoin trader is promising your clients to teach them how to trade. They pay for this service and that’s the end of the story.

Social proofs: In this method you will have to create fake social media account where you will be posting on daily basis with captions and proofs of payouts. Remember these proofs are likely to be fake since it’s all about the hustle.

You won’t need to get top fast about this format instead you just have to grow your profile and friend list gradually as a bitcoin trader or investor. Each post you make should demonstrate that.

You can use fake identity of personalities with expensive and luxury lifestyles. Your followers will give more attention if it’s flashy. Facebook ,instagram or Twitter can be used for this format.

Fake bitcoin sellers: There are many fake bitcoin sellers online. The idea is to pose online as a bitcoin seller or buyer. When people come to you either to buy or to sell they end up getting scammed. That’s how you hear stories like. I sent him bitcoin and he blocked me instead of making payment.

To make this even easier you can create fake bitcoin trading websites like Paxful ,blockchain etc where people come to buy or sell their crypto currencies. You can then run advertisements on Facebook or other platforms to gain clients who are willing to trade.

This will not work without you getting some good reviews because they are likely to see reviews before trading as first timers. When it comes to financial related matters online ,people rarely trust.

There are many ways to get legit reviews online even for your scam business. You can buy trustpilot reviews.

You can target any country. If you are not good with ads, you can pay professionals to help you run ads on your target countries while you make payment.

Crypto Tools: There are many fake bitcoin senders which makes it possible to send funds to any wallet and make them stay for some period before disappearance.

With this tool as a seller or buyer you will make good amount of money. You don’t need to convince clients how real your services are. Just tell them to send wallet for instance while you credit them with crypto ,they will forward naira or any agreed currency to you.

We hope this article is helpful ,we shall see again in our next post. Please share.

Investment or Bitcoin format for Yahoo pdf

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