Fake transfer ussd code

There was a time i searched almost the whole internet for just one keyword “Fake transfer ussd code” and i was so serious about it believing there’s an answer to that.

Eventually ,i was disappointed because after days of searching i still couldn’t find any reasonable answer. Now i was convinced what i was looking for doesn’t exist.

Am very sure there are many others searching for fake transfer codes online and you are one of them because you did not just land on this page.

USSD code is easy when it comes to accessing any company or doing any transaction when compared to the use of mobile apps. You don’t need internet connection to get everything done.

The first thought that will come your mind whenever you are ready to send fake alerts is using USSD codes but lets bring a clarity so you won’t end up getting confused for nothing.

Fake transfer ussd code

There are many ways to send fake alert but there’s no single method using ussd codes. The whole tactics are dealing with different applications online.

One of the reason is because ussd cannot be private so even if it’s possible to generate such ussd code which makes it possible to send fake alerts it will soon be casted when everyone knows about it.

The use of applications keeps it even more private and reserved because very few knows about these tools.

If you are one of those who are still searching for fake transfer ussd code please change your mindset because there’s absolutely nothing like that and am sure there will be nothing of such even in the next generation.

However, I will be suggesting some powerful fake alert apps you can easily obtain on your Android or iPhone devices to carry out your operations.

There’s risk involved in this

Unlike when using other tools for removing money from BVN ,Carding apps or even sim cloning apps etc which have little or no risk.

The fake alert apps are very risky because you might get burnt alive when caught. it all depends on the location. We are telling you this because it’s our duty to protect you even as we share our ideas and tools because your safety is our priority.

Nevertheless, there are safety measures you should consider when using fake alert tools. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Your location: If you are the type who does fake alerts for people around you, it will surely backfire very soon unless you stop using it in that form.

    This is something you should travel from your current location entirely whenever you want to cash-out using this method. It’s lot easier to succeed when done with a total stranger. Let your identity be anonymous at every time.

  • The amount: Greed is what has landed many in trouble when using these tools. Even if there’s enough money in any particular point, don’t go back again for anything and don’t request too much.

    Imagine going to collect 1M cash from a pos shop using fake transfer. Do you think the money will be given out just like that to a total stranger without proper confirmation?.

    Even after doing this for many years,i still go with the small limit of 100K per pos shop if am needing cash. You should set your own limit too but not out of greed.

  • Observation: This means you will have to be smart to leave your crime scene very fast at every point. You have no business of discussion in a place you committed this shit. Let every discussion go pending.

    The only goal is to take the money and discharge. Until you leave the whole area you are not safe yet. Your victims are as smart as you are.

    Beside these, you should always observe any location you are carrying out your act to be sure there’s no cctv cameras so you won’t end up seeing your pictures published all over the internet as wanted when you think you already escaped.

Current apps for fake transfer

These apps are automatic ,they are genuine, they are effective and efficient when it comes to sending fake alerts.

Before now, it was very difficult because we had to do fake transfer using the bulk sms method which is highly risky.

Using this method implies you will have to know the person’s phone number linked with their bank before furthering your sms to look like it comes from their bank. You can easily get caught since no funds will be added to their available balance.

These tools are safer. Any money you send will add up to your victims available account balance and you need just their account number and bank name to send alerts which makes it almost impossible to detect except the fact that the money will disappear after 14days duration from the victims available balance.

Before then you should have completed your task already. Your chances of getting caught using these tools is less than 10% if rightly used without greed.

Flash Funds App This app makes it easy sending unlimited fake transfer to any Nigeria and international banks and getting the money credited to their available balance without any risk.

This tool has been existing for years and you can only get the original copy here on DarkWeb and few other platforms as there have been so many Cloned versions online by scam developers.

The flash funds app is available for Android ,PC and iphone users but we only add the download button for Android users below because you don’t need the same step for the other version. Contact us if you need the iPhone or PC version.

Zoalert App: This is another powerful tool for sending fake alert. This tool is available for all Android and iPhone users but currently not available for PC.

With Zoalert there’s no limit to how much you can send and its available for over 150 countries worldwide including united states and UK.

Both apps works the same function but different setup and tactics. They are both great and effective for any deal. With Zoalert you can purchase $100 token and you will get $10M balance for sending fake alerts.

Until the money in your token expires, there’s no additional payment.

Conclusion: Anytime you are ready to send fake transfer please i will advise you use any of these listed tools and forget about fake transfer ussd code.

Other apps that can be used for fake transfer are: Cardcumbo ,cardro pro and P.Bank.

Always remember to follow the safety measures of any tool you are using because that’s the most important section. I will see you in my next article.

Fake transfer ussd code

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