How to make a fake profile look real

Few days ago we wrote an article about facebook lotto format for hustlers and am really sure you found that helpful. However we are going to discuss something entirely different in today’s post and that’s how to make fake profile look real either on facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even other dating apps and websites.

As a hustler you need a good profile that won’t bear your real identity in order to do your bombing.

This is for security reasons like you already know. Aside for the hustle you may also need a fake profile for many other purposes best known to you. If you don’t have idea on how to make your profiles look real this post will guide you through irrespective of the platform where you want these profiles to be created.

When your profile appears fake, it easily get banned or suspended on these platforms that’s one good reason you should try by all means to keep it real.

Let’s get started on how to go anonymous online with fake and unsuspected profiles. Don’t worry everything will be explained properly and made perfectly for easy understanding.

How to make fake profile look real

  • Understand their policy
  • sign up with real name
  • Whats your gender
  • Don’t upload Videos
  • Don’t spam the platform
  • Uploads your photos
  • Fill in profile completely
  • buy like and followers

It’s very easy to create a fake profile and at the same time you can easily get banned without following the right process.

Know their policies:

Every platform have their own policy, you should understand that perfectly before creating a new account that’s based on fake identity.

While some of these platforms have very active robots like Craigslist others can easily be manipulated such as facebook. So you should know where you’re heeding.

You can go ahead with medias such as Facebook, Instagram and others who aren’t so strict about fake profiles.

Whats your gender:

You should choose a gender. This is one important area you should consider even before creating a fake profile that looks real. Most scammers uses female profiles based on their targets being males for relationship purposes and otherwise.

If you are targeting Gays, lesbianism work or others, you should know the profile gender that will best match your format and that’s exactly what you should make use of.

The robots will easily detect your account as fake if created without selecting a gender. You should either be a male or female on any account you’re creating. When choosing a gender it’s important to use the one you can easily impersonate. The profile you can easily get their pictures and videos for reposting.

Sign up with real name:

when creating a fake profile which you want to make look real, you should make sure to use real name based on the location you’ve selected as your country.

E.g if you select Brazil as your country you can search some popular Brazil names for use. You can’t be from China and you’re using English name. That’s suspicious and you’re likely to get suspended.

Make sure you don’t add numbers to your name, that will only make it difficult to memorize.

One mistake most hustlers make is choosing too much popular people to impersonate. imagine creating a fake account with the name Cristiano Ronaldo, John Cena etc that will immediately raise suspicious alert. Don’t use names that are very popular when making fake accounts your clients will find it difficult to believe you.

Upload your photos:

having created your account the next thing is to upload photos. Even if you’re aren’t going to use your personal photos you need photos from anyone you want to impersonate.

Don’t bother going to search Google for images because you can easily get exposed for that.

You can go on Instagram or other nice dating apps and copy images from people who actually exist but don’t have their pictures on Google. This will give your account more credibility rather than just copying images that are already existing in Google search.

One other reason you shouldn’t use images from Google is because most of your clients will make extensive image search to know the real source of those images on your profile and if they find out you are not real hope you understand what that means.

Don't upload Videos:

If you start uploading real videos you might get bursted by your clients as they will definitely start requesting for video calls having seen you on the uploaded clips.

If you must upload video it should be videos about something else entirely but nothing personal. You are required to only share photos of yourself so when your clients ask for videos you can easily lie about that.

Fill profile completely:

Many fake accounts created are not properly filled. Scammers are always in haste and are never patient enough to complete the necessary profile details and that’s where you need to stand out.

Take time to fill in everything that’s necessary. Answer all the questions and make sure it’s a complete profile fill out. This will give your account more credibility and make your clients trust you more.

Don't spam the platform:

You should contribute to the platform be it a forum, Facebook, or any dating app or social platform. You can contribute by making important posts and engaging in peoples posts with reactions and comments.

We understand that your aim is to start bombing but before you do that, try to keep the account active by engaging on people’s posts and also sharing relevant contents on your timeline to increase credibility.

When this is carefully done, bots can hardly detect your account as fake. You can’t just open a fresh account and start bombing. The bots are watching you.

Buy Likes and followers:

Depending on the platform you’re using, you can buy followers and likes because when people notice more of followers and engagement it tends to look real and authentic.

Don’t worry about the money you’re spending in buying likes, if incase you decide not to use the account again you can later sell to advertisers depending on how many likes and followers you’ve got.

These are the few things you should consider when creating fake accounts that looks real. If you find this post helpful kindly use the share button to help others who may also want to make fake profile look real.

How to make a fake profile look real

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