New Facebook lotto format

In reality lotto has made many millionaires but this is a chance that’s hard to take as things may not go exactly as expected especially for newbies in the game.

Nevertheless, you can still make good fortune exploring the new Facebook lotto format for yahoo. This is strictly for hustlers just incase you’re expecting guide on how to be successful in lotto game.

So far we have discussed so many yahoo formats such as the online banking, real estate,Facebook grant and many more you can find on the website using the search bar.

Before we continue on this update, let me quickly brief you on how to use any yahoo format correctly. This will help newbies in the hustle game.

Cashout guide with any format

  • You need a target
  • Be creative about it
  • Dating and trust format

Know Your target:

The goal of every yahoo boy is steady cashout including you reading this post right now. But you can’t archive that without certain practices and procedures which must be put in place.

So many hustlers just go online searching for potential clients without even knowing what to do with them. Which format do you intend using when you get this client, what’s the billing format, and when is the right time to bill your clients depending on the format you are using? These are few things you should already know before searching for clients.

Knowing your target simply means choosing a particular format, master it and make money through it instead of wanting to use all the formats and at the end yields nothing.

Do you need a client that will be sending you iTunes cards weekly or monthly? Or the one that will make papers for you to travel abroad? It all depends on knowing your target. It will help you go straight to the point as a hustler.

We discussed the weekly billing format already. You can check that out.

Be Creative about it:

Even after knowing your target, having a specific format is not still enough without creativity. For instance the fact that a format is titled this way “Facebook lotto format copy and paste” does not mean you should copy same exact words for your clients.

In most cases this same format may have been shared multiple times so copying it words for words might cause some issue and you’re likely to loose good clients.

You are expected to be creative enough to edit whatever format you are to explore. It’s only shared so you can get idea on what exactly to do. Without creativity cashing out as a yahoo boy will only be difficult and sometimes impossible because there are too many things to fix on your own.

This is the same reason you see other hustlers making money from that same format you ignore saying it’s not longer invoke.

Dating and Trust format:

You should understand as a hustler that these two are different even though they work hand to hand.

You should understand when to focus on dating and also when to use trust format.

When it comes to tax refund, military allowance, personal loan, Gift cards. etc you should consider and focus more on dating.

On the other hand, you should focus on trust when it comes to Bitcoin investment, forex trading, Grant and lotto, business loans etc. These does not require any personal relationships with clients. All you need is to gain their trust and bill them afterwards.

Don’t forget there might be other ways round aside what’s said here. No format is consistent to just one method.

Sure all of the above tips are helpful. Now let’s get to the topic of the day.

Facebook Lotto format for yahoo

Like I’ve said earlier. We are not teaching you how to play lotto game and win in order to make money. You are here to learn it the hustlers method so even without a single knowledge about lotto game you can still make money.

Create a profile:

you can create a profile on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any other platform you would want to get clients from. When filling your profile details remember to use location as USA, Canada or other places where lotto is legalized because most countries don’t welcome that shit.

Most people don’t go through social media. The second alternative is through email which is usually the best when it comes to convertion rate.

Once your profit is ready either on social media or through email, you can send random clients messages just as it’s stated below. I will put the message in a textarea so you can copy and edit easily.

As soon as this message hits their inbox something immediately rings inside of them and boom they start thinking of how to spend the money. Greed will definitely set in.

It doesn’t end there because you need to gain their trust in order to move to the final stage.

You need a lottery website, professionally designed. This will give them the impression you’re a legitimate lottery agency. Once they trust you to be a lottery agency the rest will become easy to handle.

Be active to respond:

after messaging your clients, you should expect to see reply within few hours. This is why you should stay active to always respond to your clients at the right time.

Your Name can be Roberto ‘Claims Manager’ for the International Lottery Consortium or anything you can think of. In your response try to assure them they are rightly selected and the message they received was not a joke. Make them understand they should get ready to celebrate.

After that, you can send a form to your clients to fill and get back immediately in order to advance the process. Your form should include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • other personal details such as Date of birth etc

After they have submitted this form, you should wait for 24hrs at least before sending the next message which is the billing process. In this message you will have to tell your clients that due to the large sum they have won there’s agency fee attached in order to get the money to them.

You can place this in your own way provided it’s understandable. Check below lines for insights.

$1M isn’t a small amount so they won’t find it very difficult paying $2500 or more as agency fee.

Accept the Payment:

Once your clients are ready to make payment, you can send your payment details (bank account). In this process you keep assuring them that the money will be processed immediately their payment is confirmed.

You should have in mind that only few will respond well out of the multitude you are going to chat or convert with. But don’t worry because that’s exactly how the hustle is works.

It doesn’t matter how many people that ignore you. What matters is how many people that paid.

Below screenshots will guide you on the step by step process. Thanks for reading this page we hope to see you again.

If you need a professional lottery website. Contact us. It’s affordable. Ranging from $200-350$ you can get one for yourself.

New Facebook lotto format

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