Yahoo dating format copy and paste

This post is for educational purpose. It’s left for you to learn or use it to your own advantage but one thing for sure is that you will never be a victim of online yahoo dating format no matter how it appears after reading this article.

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We have also discussed so many hustle updates and how to get started you can use the search bar for sorting. But in today’s article let’s focus on yahoo dating format copy and paste for hustlers. Please pay attention.

Here’s it works so you won’t be a victim

Before we go ahead with the hustlers section let’s first discuss the other educational insights so our readers here will easily know how to avoid such scams when they come across it online.

The bait setup a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms including dating sites.

Right on victims DM they will send an introductory message from a strange man whose photo is always handsome that’s if it’s man to woman dating format.

This man is either going to be a military personnel, contractor, pilot, sailor or some other related professions. The message will always come in this format.

Hi beautiful your profile picture drew my attention and you are exactly the type of woman am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with.

If you don’t mind we can start with a relationship and as time goes on as we figure ourselves we will definitely know the next move.

The main target isn’t love. He’s there to trick you, get your attention and then carry out his motive “Yahoo”.

The next thing he will do is start asking about you so he can also get room for more introduction where he will end up saying he’s on a duty bla bla bla and he’s a single father. More of the expected questions are posted below.

They regularly use these words and also the wife is dead some years ago probably in a tragic car accident, cancer etc, all to gain your sympathy which will be used against you in the later time if you eventually fall for it.

Usually when military men are on duty especially for peace keeping as they usually claim, they are not supposed to be connected to the internet or even have access to phones but at this point you may not even realize all that because of their tricks and ways of approach.

After getting you hooked, they start sending gifts, love quotes and messages, flowers and many more. And within few weeks or months of interaction, you will be deeply in love.

Throughout this period, the only aim is building relationships. They will never ask for money until it’s due season. They may start by asking for small amount maybe for visa, vacation and travels, for their kids upkeep etc.

After sometime they will start asking for bigger money under different circumstances such as money for hospital bills, to solve some crisis or fund their contract work etc. All this goes with promises to visit victims to start life together with them soon as they sort their bills with the expected funds which will turns out to be con..

Some Expected copy and paste questions

The reason we tagged it yahoo dating format copy and paste is because everything always come in this same format provided it’s dating.

Here are some of the questions you should be expecting at the early stage of chat.

  • What’s your originality
  • Your current Marital status
  • Your Take on distance relationship
  • If you find true love can you relocate?
  • what’s your religion (Are you God fearing)
  • Define your hobbies
  • More about your family and how big
  • How much do you love partying
  • About your past relationship
  • Whats your redflag in a man
  • Your goals and dreams in life
  • Do you smoke or take drugs
  • Do you believe in love?
  • Your favorite drink and movie etc.

All these questions are ask just for prolonged conversation and also to build more intimacy. The more reply to the bait there chances you give because every reply already have a response. It’s all copy and paste probably with little modification. That’s why you see that all online love scammers always come in the same pattern.

Payment methods are usually anonymous such as gift cards, moneyGram,Western Union, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. When next a stranger ask for payments through anonymous methods, that should immediately be a red flag.

NOTE: if it seem too good to be true it’s likely not real. Falling in love is not as urgent as those online scammers portray it. Imagine seeing someone photo and you’re already having a plan to make them your life partner.

I’m addition to that, military men have access to their bank accounts anywhere they are and they don’t ask for money from anyone for pass. Next time one come asking for money you should try get proper verification and validation to avoid getting screwed.

Yahoo dating format copy and paste

Like I’ve said from the beginning, this post if for educational purpose. We never made it to share format just like we do for others. It’s made to educate you. However if you are willing to get the full package for hustle, it’s available at affordable price.

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As a hustler always learn to step up your hustle by getting more recent updates.

Yahoo dating format copy and paste

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