Opay Balance Adder activation code

The opay money adder also know as the opay balance adder is an updated means through which you can make good money for yourself just like the the Kuda, sportybet, PayPal, palmpay balance adder and others you can think of.

Today we are not only going to discuss how to get opay balance adder activation code/password but you will also learn how to use this tool right on your mobile device.

The below video will teach you how to use opay balance adder app and also a download link to get the apk version.

It’s no doubt everyone is searching for reliable source to earn good money online but the truth as I always say is “No income source is reliable” we should keep earning while it last because these sources are likely to discover and close these loopholes some days.

If this is your first time of hearing about this app/software, Am sure you might want to get the full gist about it.

Before now, we’ve discussed other money generator apps which am going to review shortly. Though there are many more but to keep this post brief we won’t mention all.

palmpay balance adder: This tool is as secured as every other legitimate money adder apps out there. It source funds directly from palmpay database to users wallet.

It have same cost with opay balance adder and others and it doesn’t expire as you will only have to pay once in a life time after which you keep using the app as long as it remains on your device.

The palmpay balance is available for android users, PC and iphone. You can read more about and also download the tool.

Sportybet Funds Adder: Like you may have known already, sportybet is a gambling platform used by millions of people around Africa. This tool whois funds directly from their wallet and distribute anonymously to users without fear of being caught.

Though you can only add maximum of 100K per day but you can also do it repeatedly for other logs. This makes it unlimited to how much you can make using this tool

Funds added can be used in sport betting or withdrawn through bank. App is available for iPhone and android users. You can download or read more about it.

Kuda balance adder: It’s also applicable to Kuda users. If you have a Kuda account you can add real money using this tool. You can also create a new account as it works on both old and new accounts.

Opay balance adder Apk

When we talk about taking loans, money transfer, savings and other money related services, opay happens to be one of the biggest platforms where all of these transpires.

In the means of these occurrences, there’s still something they’ve missed through which hackers use as loophole in creating the money adder app.

With this app, You can easily topup your opay wallet with just few steps and without hassle.

Before you go ahead to downloading the app, please read some of the conditions involved.

About Opay Money Adder Apk

  • The major currency here Is Naira so this app is strictly for Nigerians.

  • The app is currently not supported for iPhone/ios users only android version available.

  • Got activation code just like every other app but it’s based on 6 months subscriptions.

  • You cannot use the app more than once in every 24hrs.

  • You are not allowed to add more than 90,000 per day.

  • The Funds can be used in repayment of loans, buying of airtime,subscriptions and money transfer to other accounts through the opay app.

Opay Balance adder activation code/password

To get your activation code, you can contact us through the below button or download app and make your purchase through the app directly.

The two available payment options are, bitcoin and bank transfer and the cost for opay balance adder activation code is NGN20,000

Remember, you are paying this fee on six months basis and your subscription will be terminated after this duration.

You must not have an old opay account to carry out this job. Even a fresh account is compatible.

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Opay Balance Adder activation code

214 thoughts on “Opay Balance Adder activation code

    1. I now have the activation code. Please can I share it with my friends? Or do they need to buy another for themselves

          1. Please eh give for free this Eadter and once me i withdraw i promise to drop you 10k

    1. Pls I will happy if anyone who’s already got the app help me with half of the 20k to purchase mine too.things are hard for a brother,pls I will repay that person

      1. I love this tool.
        I’ve been using the Kuda money adder for a while before stumbling on this opay adder they are all good

  1. Is the app working how legit is it I want to borrow money to buy activation code as an ophan hope when I pay I will get the activation code and the money will really come can I use the money??

  2. [email protected]

    Please help the suffering ones too I be you Darkweb please how do I pay my 20k on this opay add and how are they going to do the magic think so I can be able to be adding 90k every day that is a good job for us as a youth please sir answers me god bless you more

  3. I just hope y’all are legit I want to purchase the activation code
    I have zero fraud tolerance

    1. I’ve make payment already but I still haven’t gotten any response from you please come online

  4. Please sir I need the code but I don’t have the 20k for now????
    Can I have your contact Incase am ready I will call you

  5. Please I need Opay Balance adder activation code/password and I don’t have 20k now what about payment after cashout

  6. Can you help to reduce the activation code to 10k pls or accept 10k now and when I cashout will you the remaining 10k

    1. Opay balance adder is a great app just like other adders you’ve shared on this website

      Thank you so much sir for the good work

  7. Pls have make the payment pls attend too me too confirm. I just sent Message on whatsapp thanks

  8. Please can someone convince me if this app really works or is just a scam because I don’t have such huge amount to loss

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